Supreme Growers BudCharge

Supreme Growers BudCharge


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BudCharge Pre-Bloom is a completely unique pre-bloom supercharger designed for high-light, heavy flowering plants

BudCharge is a unique blooming supplement designed to optimize the development and production of floral growth. Comprised of seaweed and minerals, BudCharge contains a unique blend of mechanically extracted seaweeds designed to transition the plant into flowering, and begin producing fruits and flowers.

BudCharge contains a blend of 3 different type of kelp, Ascophyllum nodosum and various species of Sargassum and Laminaria. These extracts are then arranged and combined with elements like phosphorus to quicken floral development.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Available Phosphorus (P 2 O 5 ).........0.5%
  • Soluble Potash (K 2 O).............1.0%

Derived from: Potassium hydroxide, phosphoric acid.

Non-Plant Food Ingredients:

  • Kelp Extracts (Ascophyllum nodosum, Sargassum spp., and Laminaria spp.)

Application Instructions:

Use BudCharge as a soil drench or foliar spray once a week from the last 2 weeks of vegetative growth continuing application throughout flowering and fruiting. Remember, BudCharge is designed to supplement your existing nutrient program, not replace it.

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