Supernatural Aqua Nutrient Package

Supernatural Aqua Nutrient Package


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Supernatural Aqua Nutrient Package

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Supernatural Aqua Nutrient Package
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Supernatural Aqua Nutrient Package
Supernatural Aqua Nutrient Package
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Supernatural Aqua Nutrient Package
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Supernatural Aqua Nutrient Package
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Supernatural Aqua Nutrient Package


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Supernatural Aqua Feeding Schedule

Decades worth of experience working with many plant varieties and growth techniques led Supernatural to realize that many modern growth techniques have certain drawbacks that prevent plants from reaching their full potential. The Supernatural Brand product line, from growth medium to plant nutrients, have been designed precisely to overcome these drawbacks. By providing your plants with optimal growth conditions for their entire life cycle, you will achieve truly impressive results. Supernatural Brand products are made with high quality ingredients. Clean, Pure, High Quality is our guarantee to you.

Supernatural Aqua Feeding Schedule

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Super Soak - Contains macro and micro nutrients essential to plant growth. It promotes the uniform spread of nutrients throughout any growth medium to enable vigorous rooting, heavy flower/fruit load and ripening. Use as directed to maximize food absorption in a stable root zone.

Super Boost - Used to promote rooting, late flowering and ripening, Super Boost uses high quality ingredients critical to plants in the late stages of the growth cycle.

Ultimate Thrive - Helping to maintain a vigorous root environment and to promote seed germination, Ultimate Thrive® is a liquid macro and micro supplement used throughout the entire feeding program to aid the growth of energetic plants full of vibrant colours and heavy fruit loads.

Super Leach - Used to dissolve mineral build-up that causes nutrient deficiency, Super Leach® gently flushes the growth medium to ensure a fresh nutrient profile throughout the growth cycle.

Gro Aqua - Used during the vegetative stage in hydroponics to promote healthy plant growth, Gro Aqua contains essential macro and micro elements needed for proper plant development.

Bloom Aqua - Used during the flowering stage in hydroponics to promote beautiful blooms, Bloom Aqua contains essential minerals and trace elements to support vigorous flowering. Bloom Aqua also contains 8% calcium which allows you to use Bloom Aqua without a calcium supplement and have healthy vigorous flowering growth.

Superlicious - Used throughout the bloom stage, Superlicious® intensifies fragrance, flavour and the production of essential oils.

Bud Blaster - Used to promote increased flower size and quality, Bud Blaster® ensures a strong final ripening stage.

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Nutrient ApplicationHydroponic System Nutrient
Nutrient TypeSynthetic Based