Super Sprouter Root Rain 24 Site Spray Cloner

Super Sprouter Root Rain 24 Site Spray Cloner

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Super Sprouter Root Rain Spray Cloner

Super Sprouter® Root Rain® 24 Site Spray Clone Machine is a complete system to start 24 individual plant cuttings or clones. The spray generated from the aeroponic cloner offers suspended cuttings and a rich combination of oxygen and water for accelerated and healthy root growth. Super Sprouter® Root Rain® Cloner is easy to assemble and simple to use.

Comes with:

  • Reservoir
  • Lid
  • 30 multi-colored neoprene inserts
  • Internal Sprayer
  • Water Pump
  • Air Pump
  • 4 in. Air Stone
  • Tubing
  • Instructions

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Super Sprouter Aqua Clone


  1. Except for the water pump and sprayer manifold, rinse all parts in lukewarm water
  2. The opientation of the red sprayers was factory set for better spraying coverage. If you feel customization of the spray pattern is required; simply rotate the red sprayers as required.
  3. Carefully fit the water pump onto spray manifold. To prevent breaking the manifold tube, avoid using excessive force.
  4. Use the pump suctions cups to adhere the pump to the bse of the rub. Place the pump into position. Feed the power cord through the slot in the rim on the short side of the tub
  5. Unpack the EcoPlus Air 1 Plus pump and Air Stone. Connect the air stone to the pump via the supplied vinyl tubing. Place the air stone in the bottom of the tub opposite of th water intake on pump. Feed the vinyl tubing through the other slot in the rim on the short side of the tub.
  6. Air pump should be placed and kept higher in elevation than the water line.
  7. Before putting clones into the system, fill the water to a level just under the red sprayers in the tub. Then, place the lid back on. Turn on the machine to rinse all internal parts. Run for at least 5 minutes. Then, discard and repalce the water. Repeat this procedure.
  8. For a correct fit, place the lid on the base and ensure that it is water tight.

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Tech Specs


BrandSuper Sprouter
Weight (lb.)4.75
Width (in.)12.5
Height (in.)7.5
Length (in.)16.75
Lead TimeThis product ships in 7-10 Business Days
UL ListedNo
Prop 65No
Plant Count24

Super Sprouter Root Rain 24 Site Spray Cloner Reviews

Like but not love
The foam inserts just set down, not squeeze in the hole. So the foam doesn't hold or grip some of the cuttings firmly enough.
Also because of the same thing, the water shoots up through the crack of the foam disc, putting to much water on the top of the cuttings.
I think the sprayer is adequate, but would have been better designed in a rectangle shape, instead of the cross.
The cross pattern cuttings turn out better than the corners.
Would have also loved to see a humidity dome incorporated in the unit.
Customizing one is alright but took a while.

Good product
Works great, just can't use tall cuttings, they fall over. Nice price.

works like a charm
shipped out 30 minutes after I ordered, that is crazy!

Simple and effective
rooted petty fast with 100% success rate my first try! yay