Super Sprouter Aqua Clone 24 Site Deep Water Cloner

Super Sprouter Aqua Clone 24 Site Deep Water Cloner

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Super Sprouter Aqua Clone Instructions

Super Sprouter Aqua Clone

Deep Water Cloning System - The best way to start your clones!


The Aqua Clone 24 Site Cloner works on the principle of recirculating super oxygen-rich water created by Aqua Clone aeration pump. There are no spray jets to clog up.

The Aqua Clone aeration pump draws in oxygen from the atmosphere and produces turbulence to continuously nourish your cuttings.

Aqua Clone has integrated finger cut outs in the lid to easily remove neoprene inserts. Easy lift handles built into the lid allows for easy inspection of all your roots. Reservoir is slightly elevated for water temperature control.

Also inludes 30 colores neoprene inserts, giving you six extras.

A few great features of the Super Sprouter Aqua Clone

  • Fast and easy
  • Integrated finger cut outs to easily remove neoprene inserts.
  • Elevated reservoir for temperature control.
  • Easy lift handles built into the lid.
  • 30 colored neoprene inserts included (24 + 6 extras).
  • Aeration pump included.
  • Instructions included.

Dimensions - 16.6" x 11.9" x 6.7" (L x W x H)
Weight - 3.15 lbs.

Super Sprouter Aqua Clone


  1. Moisten Suction Cups. Position aeration pump on the end of the tub that has the Cord Hole Notch. Place pump in the center of the inset panel and rest the pickup creen on the bottom of the tub as shown in above photo.
  2. Place the Power Cord and Air Line from the pump through the Cord Hole Notch in the tub. Air flow can be adjusted by using the valve at the end of the air line (operating the valve completely is recommended). NOTE: Additional oxygen can be supplied by removing the valve and installing EcoPlus Air 1 Pump (HGC728365 - sold seperately)
  3. Place the tub on a flat, level surface. Fill with water just to the top of the pump. This allows 1 3/4" to 2" of space between water surface and the bottom of the neoprene insert.
  4. Align the notch in the lid with the notch in the tub and place the lid on the tub. Place cuttings in neoprene inserts with 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" of prepared stem protruding below the insert. Make sure there are 1-2 "nodes" on each stem.
  5. Operation: After inserting cuttings, plug the power cord into a 120 Volt AC outlet. There is no need for a timer as the pump runs continuously.

Lighting Fixtures

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Tech Specs


BrandSuper Sprouter
Weight (lb.)3.15
Width (in.)11.9
Height (in.)6.7
Length (in.)16.6
Lead TimeDue to social distancing requirements, this item ships in 7-10 business days
UL ListedNo
Prop 65No
Plant Count24
Product Q&A

Super Sprouter Aqua Clone 24 Site Deep Water Cloner Questions & Answers

Does the stem need to be in or above water level?
When you initially take your cutting, let them slightly contact the water. After a couple of days, it is best to have the cut point on the stem slightly above the water line. Adding a single outlet air pump and air stone can improve your outcome as well.

How often do I change the water?
In most cases, when using a good water source. Topping off the water is sufficient. If your water becomes cloudy or carries an odor, dump water and add fresh. Don't leave cuttings exposed to air while changing water for extended times.

Which humidity dome fits this unit?
Aqua Clone does not require a dome.

What type of light can you use and how far away from the plants should it be?
We have many lighting options available for plant propagation. Some of the more popular options are T5 and LED lighting. The distance you have your lights at will vary based on your lighting choice and is dependent on the intensity of light your plants require. Fluorescent Lighting Options

Is there any warranty on this product?
Aqua Clone is warrantied against manufacturing defects

What is the reservoir capacity
It holds about 4 gallons, but you typically fill up about 2-2.5 gallons.

Is a replacement pump available
HGC728492 (Eco 100 Fixed Flow Pump)


Super Sprouter Aqua Clone 24 Site Deep Water Cloner Reviews

great for the price
I was planning on spending 3x, but found this for a good deal. The order arrived in 4 days, very pleased.

Works great!
Fast rooting with clonex and super white roots. thanks

Simple yet effective
Have tried 3 different times 3 weeks each to root clones in rockwool with no luck. Got this aqua cloner gave it a had roots in 8days and placed some from the rockwool that had no roots in the system and roots showed in 2 days. Can't complain.

I had to add two more bubbles, as the most only seemed to reach the center plugs

Works great
LOVE IT ROOTS EASY. If you think you want one then start here it is easy and works great.

Works well
Makes life easier. Easy works well. Just get one and see