LIVENTIA SOS Beneficial Bacteria

LIVENTIA SOS Beneficial Bacteria


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Break Down Decaying Matter, Maximize Root Development, Speed Nutrient Uptake

What Is SOS?

SOS (Super Organic Stimulator) nitrogen bacteria is different than typical nitrogen products. SOS can be used in all stages of growth, and can be used with synthetic or organic fertilizers.

SOS is an agricultural soil improver that restores and promotes the biodiversity of the rhizosphere, increasing the bioavailability of nutrients such as inorganic N (NH4 and NO3) and phosphorus (PO4) in soils of poor agricultural quality. The product improves the absorption of chemical or organic fertilization processes, increases the percentage of germination and root density, and contributes to the movement of phytopathogenic microorganisms present in soils due to their high proliferation rate.

SOS also excels in hydroponic systems, addressing many challenges faced by growers with their unique blend of 19 naturally occurring, hyper vigorous super strains of beneficial bacteria. SOS maximizes root development from seedlings to adult plants, as well as breaking down decaying organic matter and converting it into nutrients for your plants, including the break down and prevention of harsh salts. SOS also bioremediates a wide range of toxins that may be present in the water being used.

Why Liventia’s SOS Nitrifying Bacteria in a Bottle Is a Good Choice

Adding nitrogen bacteria to the soil can be a tedious process. Too little and you miss out on the benefits. Too much and you cause more harm than good. Liventia’s SOS nitrifying bacteria in a bottle is different because:

  • SOS can be used with organic and synthetic fertilizers, soil inoculants and other entomopathogenic agents.
  • SOS can be used easily in drip irrigation systems.
  • SOS helps stimulate the natural regeneration of native microorganisms.
  • SOS can be used for hydroponic growth systems.
  • In addition, SOS is formulated with science-backed processes, is OMRI listed and is always quality and freshness assured.
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