STM Canna RocketBox Pre Roll Cone Filling Machine

STM Canna RocketBox Pre Roll Cone Filling Machine


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STM Canna Brand Product

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Increase efficiency at your dispensary or commercial grow facility with the STM Canna RocketBox!

The STM Canna Rocketbox is one of the most efficient ways to mass-produce pre-rolled cones. It is the world’s most advanced commercial pre-roll machine, producing over 453 pre-rolled cones in about a 3-minute cycle.

Features of the RocketBox

  • 453 Pre-Rolled Cones in About 3 Minutes
  • On-Site Training Included with Every Machine
  • .5g-1g Tray Sizes Available
  • 3 Stages Per Cycle
  • 3 Deeply Customizable Settings Per Stage
  • 10+ Custom Preset Profiles
  • 5%-10% Weight Variance
  • 90% Avg. Fill Rate (compared to 60%-70%)
  • OSHA Compliant Multi-Point Safety System
  • 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Food-Grade Components
  • Designed, Manufactured & Assembled in the USA

What's included in the RocketBox base package:

The RocketBox base package includes everything you need to get started producing 2,500-3,000 cones a day.

  • 1 Top Tray
  • 1 Bottom Tray (choice of .5g, .7g, or 1g)
  • 1 Loading Box
  • 1 Finishing Base
  • On-Site Training

Compatible Cones

84mm (.5g) Bottom Tray

Achieveable Weight: .25g - .5g

  • Total Length: 84mm
  • Filter Size: 26mm - 50mm
  • Top Opening Diameter: 10.5mm

98mm (.7g) Bottom Tray

Achieveable Weight: .5g - .8g

  • Total Length: 98mm
  • Filter Size: 21mm - 26mm
  • Top Opening Diameter: 10mm - 11mm

109mm (1g) Bottom Tray

Achieveable Weight: 1g - 1.25g

  • Total Length: 109mm
  • Filter Size: 26mm
  • Top Opening Diameter: 12.65mm

***Paper compatibility and results may vary based on brand, paper quality and other underlying factors, therefore, results are not guaranteed. Weights achieved may also vary based on grind size, material types and other variables

Daily Output Upgrades

STM Rocketbox Standard can handle 3,000 pre-rolls daily

These upgrades will increase your daily pre-roll count

  • Package A - Up to 5,000 pre-rolls daily
  • Package B - Up to 7,500 pre-rolls daily
  • Package C - Up to 12,000 pre-rolls daily
  • Package D - Up to 20,000 pre-rolls daily
  • Package E - Up to 25,000 pre-rolls daily

These options are listed at the top, if you have any questions regarding these upgrades, please give us a call and let one of our awesome sales reps answer your questions

Benefits of investing in a RocketBox:

  • Up to 25,000 cones daily- From small start-ups to global enterprises, the RocketBox is the all-in-one asset that grows with your business. With the RocketBox you avoid purchasing additional machines as you scale. Simply purchase your desired daily cone upgrade package, and don't worry about denying contracts from the inability to produce higher volume, and failing to meet growing dispensary demands.
  • Highest Quality Pre-Rolls- For best consumer experience and brand protection.
  • On-site training included- With an STM Trainer (pre-roll expert).
  • Reduced headaches- No more stress or expenses associated with continuous repairs and replacements, sourcing flimsy parts from 3rd parties, or overseas customer service centers.
  • Increased profit margins- Decrease labor by cutting out human pre-roll work. This machine pays for itself over time, and while other machines require more human work with an estimated fill rate of only 70%, the RocketBox fills cones at a 90% rate.

How the STM Canna RocketBox Works

Versus standard motor-only machines, the STM RocketBox’s patent-pending technology utilizes a combination of a powerful motor and a pneumatic leveling system.

This technology allows all vibration frequencies to remain concentrated in the area where the cones are centrally located, versus dispersing the vibrations throughout the machine and causing inconsistencies.

In simple terms, your material is not forcibly shaken into the cones as with other machines, rather it is vibrated into each cone layering product evenly within for a beautifully packed cone - leaving for the best possible consumer experience.

Beginning with the cones suspended in air during the entire cycle, the first stage (“filling”) starts by emitting light vibrations which agitate the material, allowing the material to begin vibrating and evenly layering itself within the cone to avoid empty pockets.

The second stage (“packing”) then emits more intense vibrations and a bounce to begin to pack the evenly filled cones. Stage three (“optional final pack”) is a replica of the first stage that you can use in order to finalize the desired airflow and pack of your cones.

Customize the settings of your RocketBox pre-roll process

Each of these three stages contains 3 fully customizable settings within: PSI (20-90), Motor Speed (1%-100%), and Duration of Cycle to allow you to work with a variety of different material types and strains.

The STM RocketBox does not guarantee any results, rather it is the optimal tool which allows you to build the fill and pack process that you desire.

Aside from a wide range of customization, the unique RocketBox tray system includes funnels which directly taper inside of the papers below, allowing for better weight accuracy, fill rates, product quality and consistency.

STM Canna RocketBox Cone Filling Machine.

More reasons why your dispensary needs a RocketBox

Efficient and Simplistic

The RocketBox is a high volume and maximum output commercial pre-roll machine, producing over 453 pre-rolled cones in a 2-3 minute cycle. From custom settings in the touch screen control panel to the STM load/unload station, the RocketBox commercial pre-roll machine helps you make the process of filling and packing pre-rolled cones simple, consistent, and productive.

Cutting Edge and Premium Quality

The RocketBox sets the standards in quality and durability, using commercial-grade components and advanced control systems resulting in long-term, dependable usage.

Eco-Friendly and Clean Burning

The ergonomic 4.3" logic touch screen control panel and pneumatic leveling system produce tailor-made results for your business, that is precise and with zero-waste. Whether you use flower, Rosin-Press byproduct, or a blend, all materials can be used with the RocketBox.

Customer Oriented

The RocketBox commercial pre-roll machine is well-researched technology, focused on your specific needs, and tailor-made for this industry. Fully customizable settings for PSI, frequency of vibration and duration, creates attention to detail and ultimate control regarding the quality of your product.

Technical Specifications of the STM Canna RocketBox:

  • Approx. 20" x 46" x 15"
  • SAE 304 Stainless Steel Body
  • 110v 3-Prong Power Plug
  • 2130 Watts
  • Customizable Touch Control Operation
  • Designed & Made in the U.S.A.
  • Patent Pending
  • 15 Amps - Pulls 5 Amps
  • Ergonomic 4.3″ Capacitive Touch Control Panel
  • Pneumatic Leveling System
  • STM Upgradable System Software
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Heavy Duty Casters
  • USB Port for Programming
  • 12-Months Parts & Labor Warranty
  • 6' Cord
Tech Specs

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