STM Canna Mini-RocketBox Cone Filling Machine

STM Canna Mini-RocketBox Cone Filling Machine

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Mini-RocketBox from STM Canna


STM Mini-RocketBox is the world’s most efficient commercial pre-roll machine for small to medium production, producing over 143 pre-rolled joints in a 45 second cycle. Chosen by small craft cultivators and start-ups up to the largest brands and facilities around the world, the STM Mini-RocketBox is an asset that grows with your business, allowing your facilities to produce from 143 joints up to 11,000 joints daily as demands rise.


The same great people who introduced the world to the RocketBox have taken the next step and brought out the new STM Canna Mini-RocketBox. Using the same advanced technology, the Mini-RocketBox creates high quality, evenly packed pre-rolls that allow for a superior consumer experience.

Constructed with industrial components for durability and reliability. This machine is built to last and built to deliver results in a compact package.



143 Pre-Rolls In Under 1 Minute: Fill up to 11,000 Pre-Rolls Daily. *8 Hour Work Day

Fills Up to 1.2g: Your choice of Bottom Tray allows you to fill your pre-rolls from .25 to 1.25 Grams

10%+/- Weight Variance: Your Pre-Rolls will come out the correct size for each batch!

90% Avg. Fill Rate: Fill your cones with precision and no lost product!


Up to 11,000 Pre-Rolls Daily

The Mini-RocketBox produces 43% more joints per cycle than it's closest competitor, deeply reducing labor costs and providing for more versatility in production.

Exclusive RocketBox Technology

Using the same advanced technology, the Mini-RocketBox creates high quality, evenly packed pre-rolls that allow for a superior consumer experience.

Protect Your Brand

With improved consumer experiences, the Mini-RocketBox helps protect your brand and retain an advantage in an immensely competitive market.

STM Client Portal Access

Efficiency is critical to keeping costs down. With the Mini-RocketBox, you'll get exclusive access to our growing Client Portal featuring training videos, tips, tricks, tech support and more to get you up and running in no time.

Avoid Headaches

Avoid headaches and expenses associated with competitors, such as ongoing repairs & replacements, sourcing flimsy parts from 3rd parties and reaching overseas service centers.

Made In USA

Made In USA



1-Year Warranty

1-Year Warranty

OSHA Compliant

OSHA Compliant

How Does The Mini-RocketBox Work?

RocketBox patent-pending technology utilizes a powerful combination of a vibrating motor, pneumatic leveling system and direct funneling system that sets it apart from all competitors:

- The pneumatic leveling system (built-in PSI) allows the frequencies of vibration in the Mini-RocketBox to remain concentrated in the area where the cones are located versus dispersing throughout the unit and causing inconsistencies.

- Whereas competitors drop in and pack the material at the same time (creating weak necks and air pockets - think game of 'Tetris'), material in the MiniRocketBox is actually vibrating into each paper in even layers before the packing begins.

- The direct funneling system (Top & Bottom Tray) funnels material into the paper directly, thus limiting variance and waste. While sitting in the Bottom Tray, cones also remain suspended in air during the entire cycle from start to finish versus being forcefully hit from below to pack.

While there are fewer customizations available than the RocketBox, the MiniRocketBox does allow the operator to alter weights by adjusting both the motor speed dial and by following the general bulk density tips and tricks supplied by STM.

While competitors use strictly low, medium, and high settings with no variable options, the STM Mini-RocketBox includes a fully adjustable, variable dial in which the user can choose low, medium, or high, or alternatively use any markers in between to allow for additional personalization. The first stage ("low/medium") starts by emitting light vibrations to agitate the material, allowing the material to begin evenly layering itself within the cones. The second stage ("medium/high") then emits more intense vibrations and a bounce to begin packing then cones.

STM vs Competitors

Non-Stop Workflow

Station #1

1. Drop cones into Bottom Tray

2. Place Top Tray on guide rods & remove both trays together

Station 1

Station #2

3. Place trays into Mini-RocketBox & begin cycle

Station 2

Station #3

4. Remove Top Tray using Loading Box

5. Place back onto Finishing Base to unload cones & close

Station 3

Compatible Cones

84MM (.5g) Bottom Tray

Achievable Weight: .25g - .5g

Total Length = 84mm

Filter Size = 26mm - 50mm

Top Opening Diameter = 10.5mm +/-

98MM (.7g) Bottom Tray

Achievable Weight: .5g - .8g
"98MM Special" (No Slim/Reefer)

Total Length = 98mm

Filter Size = 26mm

Top Opening Diameter = 10-11mm +/-

109MM (1g) Bottom Tray

Achievable Weight: 1g - 1.25g
"King Size"

Total Length = 109mm

Filter Size = 26mm

Top Opening Diameter = 12.65mm +/-

All Cone Sizes

*Note - 98mm Raw Cones do NOT work with .7g tray

STM Mini-RocketBox

Package Includes:

  • (x1) Mini-RocketBox
  • (x1) Top Tray
  • (x1) Loading Box
  • (x1) Finishing Base
  • (x1) Bottom Tray of Choice
  • (x1) Durable Carrying Case

A La Carte Extras

Top Tray

Funneling System Used During Machine Operation

View the Mini-RocketBox Top Tray

Top Tray

Bottom Tray

Cone Holding Tray (84mm, 98mm, or 109mm)

View the Mini-RocketBox Bottom Tray

Bottom Tray

Loading Box

Holds Bottom Tray to Load Cones & Off-Load Top Tray

View the Mini-RocketBox Loading Box

Loading Box

Finishing Base

Holds Bottom Tray for Unloading Cones

View the Mini-RocketBox Finishing Base

Finishing Base

Extra Carrying Case

Heavy Duty, Durable Carrying Case

143 Pre-Rolls

Fills up to 143 pre-rolls in 45 seconds. Similar products just don't compare to that output


Constructed from stainless steel & aluminum. You can feel the quality craftsmanship that went into this machine

Food Grade

Constructed from food grade materials that are guaranteed safe

Adjustable Settings

The Mini RocketBox has 3 adjustable settings. Find the perfect adjustments for your job and you're good to go

11,000 Daily

The Mini can produce up to 11,000 pre-rolls a day. Save yourself all the time in the world and never fill cones by hand again

10% Variance or less / 90% Average Rate

10% Variance or less on fills for accurate pre-rolls and 90% Average Fill rate so your cones are filled to the correct amount every time.

1-Year Warranty

One years parts and labor warranty.

STM Mini-RocketBox Technical Specifications

NameSTM Mini-RocketBox
BrandSTM Canna
Weight35 lbs.
Warranty12 Months Parts & Labor
Dimensions14" L x 17 " H x 10" W
Watts2310 Watts
VoltageStandard 110v - 3 Prong Plug
AmpsFull-Load 5.2 Amps
ManufacturedWashington, USA
MaterialSAE 304 Stainless Steel
OSHA CompliantYes
Cord Length5 1/2 feet
Life Cycle10 Years or 8,000 Hours
PortableYes, includes carrying case
OperationManual Control Panel

STM Mini-RocketBox Comparison Chart

STM Mini-RocketBoxCompetitors
Per Cycle
143 in 45 secs100 in 3 mins
Daily Capacity11,0004,000
CustomizationVariable Adjustment
3 settings
Speed3x - 4x's faster
Life cycle10 Years4 - 24 Months
ReliabilityDurable & Reliable
Stainless Steel
Plastic / Foam
Warranty1 Year Parts & LaborLimited Warranty
1 - 12 months
TrainingVirtual Training
No Training

STM Canna Mini-RocketBox Cone Filling Machine Reviews

Great value compared to others
Our facility in NV has been looking to add another pre-roll machine to our process to get more throughput out of each day and so far we love this. Easy to use and pack them better than the older unit we have. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck cone roller this is probably the best option for you.

Tech Specs

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