Soul Synthetics Grow-N

Soul Synthetics Grow-N


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Soul Synthetics Brand Product
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A Deliberate Blend Of Fast-Acting & Natural Nitrogen & Calcium Sources Engineered For Maximum Effect & High Solubility.

Soul Grow-N nitrogen supplement was specifically crafted for the gardener who demands faster growth from high-performance fertilizers. Grow-N puts the controlled application of these essential nutrients in your hands. For exceptional results, combine these highly soluble, fast-acting nutrients with any base nutrient program.

This product is sometimes referred to as the samurai sword. When used correctly by trained hands it's the best weapon in your arsenal, but if used by untrained hands, it can be catastrophic. Grow-N offers a highly concentrated nitrogen and calcium boost. It's essentially a 4x stronger old school cal-mag (which had 2% nitrogen and 2% calcium). This product should never be overfed, but is incredibly effective at supplementing nitrogen/calcium.

NPK: 8-0-0 +Ca-8%

Derived From Bat Guano, Calcium Nitrate, & Magnesium Nitrate.

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