Rx Green Solutions Life Cloning Gel is no longer available

Rx Green Solutions Life Cloning Gel is no longer available


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This product is no longer available, but we have so much more to show you!

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Rx Green Solutions Product Documents

Rx Green Solutions MSDS

LIFE Cloning Gel contains a blend of rooting hormones and all natural ingredients. Formulated to produce roots in any substrate, this gel will work with rooting cubes or aeroponic machines.

LIFE provides the nutrient inputs required in early root development. Our unique blend of ingredients combines nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium into a true solution. Life is formulated for the early stages of the plant's development. After extensive research and development, Life has shown to reduce the number of days to root from cuttings and increase cuttings overall survival rates.

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  • Works with ALL growing media
  • Provides essential nutrients for early root development
  • Energy metabolism to promote new vegetative growth
  • Amino acids to facilitate protein synthesis as the early building blocks for plant development
  • Faster roots: 20% faster than the competition
  • Stronger seedlings: Reduces transplant shock
  • Healthier plants: Lowers mortality rate
Product Q&A

Rx Green Solutions Life Cloning Gel Questions & Answers

What Is In Life?
Life is our technology-based cloning solution, made especially for the hydroponic industry. The formula consists of a proprietary blend of plant nutrients, including calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. What makes this product unique is the quality of ingredients used, and the optimal balance of NPK designed specifically for the root development of fresh plant cuttings.

Are There Growth Hormones in Life?
Life contains no growth hormones, synthetic or naturally occurring. Life does contain a low-salt, safe and effective formula that will aid in root development up to 20% faster than the industry leading brands.

How Do I Use Life?
Life works extremely well in all growing media and in aeroponic cloning machines. At a rate of 15 ml/gallon, you will see optimal results in all applications. If using cloning machines, change your solution every 5-7 days, or top off with fresh water as needed. If using propagation plugs, such as rockwool or peat cubes, soak plugs in Life solution prior to inserting cuttings. Time of saturation varies, but please allow a minimum of 30 minutes for peat cubes, and 2-3 hours for rockwool cubes. Use Life solution to keep plugs moist until roots are developed and ready for transplant. If using soil or a loose soilless mix for propagation, use Life as a soil drench as needed to keep medium moist until ready for transplant.

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