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Progressive Farms Nutrient Package


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Progressive Farms Earth Compound
Progressive Farms Earth Kelp
Progressive Farms Earth Recharge
Progressive Farms Earth Syrup
Progressive Farms Earth Tonic
Progressive Farms Compost Tea In A Box (BYO Bucket), 25 Gallons

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Progressive Farms Nutrient Package

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Progressive Farms focus is on leveraging the power of microbes and life force to help our customers and clients grow the best garden, farm or lawn possible. They offer simple options for increasing yields, saving water, and long term solutions to common and complex growing issues that not only maximize results, but save growers money.

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Earth Compound - Created from a consortium of microbial sources including several sources of animal and vegetable organic farm compost, Worm Castings, the BioDynamic preparations (BD500-508), and RNA-based microbes called Archaea. Needless to say, this compost tea inoculant has maximum diversity. Not heated or pasteurized in any way. Earth Compound literally comes from the Earth straight to your garden. Unlike lab grown cultures, all the microbes in Earth Compound are strengthened by nature.

Earth Kelp - Earth Kelp is up to THREE times the concentration of leading industry kelps at 9% kelp solids. Powerful natural source of beneficial plant growth hormones – cytokins, gibberillins, auxins. Used at higher concentrations Earth Kelp works similar to many synthetic plant growth regulator (PGR) products on the market. Except it’s completely natural. Contains pure Ascophyllum nodosum sea kelp combined with living sea minerals processed using zero heat and zero chemicals.Bath your garden in the ocean and watch it explode!

Earth Recharge - Genuine handcrafted BioDynamic humus from the finest ingredients made on a certified organic BioDynamic farm that has been in production by the same family for more than 350 years. The strength and diversity of this compost is FAR enhanced relative to lab-produced or backyard compost. Earth Recharge is so powerful it can be used successfully down to 1 tablespoon per gallon of growing media. Perfect fit for making soil out of soilless bales like Sunshine or Pro-mix. Works great in hydroponics with hydroton, rockwool, coir fiber, etc.

Earth Syrup - Earth Syrup contains 12 beneficial plant and microbe ingredients and represents a perfect microbial food source for microbes in order for them to make perfect plant food for plants. There is strength in diversity. Ingredients include molasses, whey, kelp, humates, fish meal, soft rock phosphate, feathermeal, worm castings, yucca, greensand, VAM myccorhizae, and more.

Earth Tonic - Contains literally ALL elements found on planet Earth. All of them. Give your plants everything - over 90 elements instead of the standard 17. Derived from 100% Organic Materials - Live Ocean Water, Himalayan Crystal Salt, the Biodynamic Preparations (BD502-508) and enhanced using proprietary energetic techniques. Seven times more concentrated than seawater alone, there cannot be a more concentrated solution. 1 ml / gal = 100ppm. Can be used at higher concentrations than conventional fertilizers due to its natural balance. Makes compost tea or any biological situation (soil, compost pile, etc.) work better. Microbes use elements as tools, or co-factors, to make enzymes that allow them to do their work.


Nutrient Application Soil & Soilless Mix Nutrient
Nutrient Type Organic Based

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