Powerbox DPC-12000TD - 10 Light Controller W/ Hot Start Delay is no longer available

Powerbox DPC-12000TD - 10 Light Controller W/ Hot Start Delay is no longer available


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The Powerbox® DPC-12000TD series are workhorse lighting controllers with the critical features you need to safeguard your large operation.

You get the ultimate in protection, thanks to an advanced microprocessor-controlled GFCI main circuit breaker that can sense a wide variety of dangerous conditions on downstream loads and instantaneously de-energize all connected devices, helping prevent fire and electrocution. Plus you get a special Time Delay feature that extends the life of your bulbs by allowing them to cool down completely prior to restarting, after a power outage.

Designed and manufactured in California from the best industrial-grade components, the DPC-12000TD is ETL Listed, UL Approved and CAN/CSA Approved.

Setup is fast and easy. Plug directly in to a 240-volt range-type outlet (NEMA type 14-50r) to be up-and-running in minutes, or hardwire directly to your panel. Rated for continuous capacity, there are 50 Amp and 60 Amp versions available.

There are a total of TEN NEMA type 6-15 240V outlets to power your lights, and 5 NEMA type 5-15 outlets to run your light-duty accessories. A digital timer with battery backup controls light cycles. LED status lights show that protection is active and status of light cycles. An optional trigger cord port allows other controllers to override the timer and control the Powerbox® directly.

The DPC-12000TD offers the same features as the DPC-12000, plus adds a special Time Delay feature to protect your expensive bulbs from hot starts, in the event of a power failure. Dial-in a delay of 1 to 15 minutes before your bulbs will restart after a power failure.

Safe, quick to install, and easy to use. Don't even consider plugging your expensive gear into a cheap controller. Lighting requires more power than anything else in your garden, so when safety and reliability matter, Powerbox® is your only choice.


  • Microprocessor-controlled main GFCI circuit breaker prevents fire & electrocution.
  • Protection tabs to prevent accidental breaker shutoff.
  • Programmable digital timer to control light cycles.
  • Battery backup to store timer programs during power outages.
  • Time Delay function to protect bulbs from hot starts (DPC-12000TD only).
  • DPC-12000-D Dual Zone model uses an independent trigger cord for each zone.
  • Trigger Cord Port allows use of an optional trigger cord to override the built-in timer.
  • Optional Accessory Port allows use with other controllers, like a high-temp shutoff.
  • 30, 50 or 60 Amp models available – Rated for continuous capacity.
  • Green LED status indicator lights.
  • Four foot main power cord, with custom lengths available.
  • Plug & play into 4-prong range-type outlet (NEMA 14-50r), or hardwire to panel.
  • Durable powder coated 14 gauge seamless steel enclosure.
  • Keyhole tabs 16” on center for easy mounting to wall studs.
  • INPUT: 240VAC, Rated for 30A, 50A, or 60A at 240V, 4-Wire Connection.
  • Three Phase compatible models available.
  • Designed and manufactured in California.
  • Five-year warranty – Legendary Powerbox® quality.
  • Please note that all Powerbox units with custom cord lengths of 10' and 25' are Special Order and are non-returnable once purchased.

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