Phantom Dual 315 Watt CMH Grow Light System with Lamps

Phantom Dual 315 Watt CMH Grow Light System with Lamps


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Phantom Product Documents

Phantom Dual 315W Instructions

A Highly Versatile System Capable of Producing An Abundance of PAR CMH Light

The Phantom Dual CMh System is a highly versatile system that allows you to run a single 315W lamp or both at the same time for 630W of high-PAR CMh light. The dual reflectors can be used in the standard position or rotated 90 degrees downward to give a low-profile hanging configuration that is ideal for tight spaces. Four angled reflector positions can also be set, if desired. The reflectors feature multifaceted 95% reflective European hammertone aluminum, giving excellent light uniformity and diffusion.The attached Phantom Dual CMh 315W ballast features low frequency, square-wave technology and is silent, reliable, and energy-efficient. It has two discrete channels and power switches, and a USB port for PX1 controller compatibility. Input voltage options are 120V, 208V, and 240V.

Color Temperature: 3100K or 4200K

3100K and 4200K CMH lamps both emit a spectrum capable for growing plants full-cycle (veg through flower). The 3100K lamp is biased towards the red wavelength (ideal for flowering), and the 4200K lamp is biased towards the blue wavelength (ideal for vegetative growth), however both offer a wide enough spectrum for the full-cycle of a plants life.

Phantom Dual 315 Features

1.) Designed for optimum heat management and longer lamp life

2.) Phantom CMh Ballast with high-precision microprocessor and patented ignition control, has internal RF shielding and FCC compliance

3.) USB connection for use with latest version Autopilot PX Digital Controllers

4.) 95% reflective European specular hammertone aluminum

5.) Locking pin allows multiple angles to be set for the reflectors

  • Designed for intense, even coverage over a 3' x 5' growing area
  • Philips 4200K, or 3100K color temperature ceramic halide lamp option or fixture without lamp
  • Autopilot PX series controller compatible
  • Dimming/boosting wattage control
  • Proven Phantom reliability and performance
  • Flexible hanging options
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