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The Worlds Most Powerful Single-Ended Grow Lamp!

Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) tested PAR PRO's newest Hyper Arc 1,100 Watt lamp and said it was the most powerful 1100 watt single-ended HPS grow lamp they have tested.

The Par Pro Hyper Arc 1,100 Watt High-Pressure Sodium lamp delivers a staggering 2,380 umol on the Galaxy 1000 Watt Turbo setting! The Hyper Arc lamp has the ideal 2,000 degrees Kelvin Temperature for the best results during the fruiting and flowering phase. The industrial construction of the Par Pro Hyper Arc allows the lamp to exceed all micromole levels currently offered in a single-ended design. With attributes of long life, reliability and high efficiency, this lamp is an excellent choice for all indoor horticulture purposes.

Why Choose The HYPER ARC?

After 2 years of development and testing – the incredibly powerful Par Pro Hyper Arc 1100w Single Ended HPS lamp is ready to be launched!! This product has consistently tested higher than any other product in a single ended or even a double ended 1000w platform. Consistently testing at 2,380 μmol, the Par Pro Hyper Arc lamp produces 177,000 lumens and a PBAR Flux of 2,688 μmol! The facts tell the story, this is a remarkably bright new innovation for indoor gardeners.

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What Sets The Hyper Arc Apart From The Competition?

The Par Pro Hyper Arc is truly a 1000w HPS S52 ansi single ended lamp with a mogul base E39 socket made to operate on high-frequency electronic ballasts that have been typically used with DE lamps (70-110kHz). Although the Hyper Arc 1100w will function well when used with a standard low frequency magnetic 1000w HPS lamp running at 1000w. Be advised the Hyper Arc 1100w lamp may slightly strobe when used with mid-range frequency EB’s (30-45kHz). All of the testing was completed on the Sun System 1, Galaxy DE, Grow Amp, Legacy DE 1000w electronic ballasts & Hardcore / Hardcore DE magnetic ballasts.

The Par Pro Hyper Arc 1100w lamp construction features a larger volume arc tube inclusive of more “spectrum creating” amalgam than a standard lamp resulting in a larger, stronger plasma arc stream. This design paired with a patented sealing process allows to greatly increase and properly balance the arc tube pressure along with the lamp vacuum within the uniform European TT65 high-quality glass jacket. There are a few additional secrets to this lamps construction that are under lock and key. All field reports thus far have shown excellent results.

Take A Look At The UL Results

PPF: 2,380μmol
Photosynthetic Photon Flux
Flux from 400nm to 700nm expressed in units of μmol/sec. This wavelength range has been identified as important to photosynthetic processes.

PBAR: 2,688μmol
Plant Biologically Active Radiation Flux
Flux from 350 to 800 nm expressed in unites of μmol/sec. Plants have photopigments other than chlorophyll that are sensitive to a wider
range of wavelengths than chlorophyll.

Lumens: 177,900
Luminous Flux
The measured radiant power of the test item in units of lumens from
380 nm to 780 nm.

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