Par Pro 1,100 Watt Hyper Arc HPS Lamp

Par Pro 1,100 Watt Hyper Arc HPS Lamp

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The Worlds Most Powerful Single-Ended Grow Lamp! Consistently Tested Over 2,380 umol! (Verified By UL)

Must be used with high-frequency electronic ballasts (70-110kHz)

Par Pro 1,100 Watt HYPER ARC High-Pressure Sodium lamp delivers a staggering 2,380 umol on the Galaxy 1000 Watt Turbo setting! The HYPER ARC lamp has the ideal 2,000 degrees Kelvin Temperature for the best results during the fruiting and flowering phase. The industrial construction of the Par Pro HYPER ARC allows the lamp to exceed all micromole levels currently offered in a single-ended design. With attributes of long life, reliability and high efficiency, this lamp is an excellent choice for all indoor horticulture purposes.

Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) tested Par Pro’s newest Hyper Arc 1,100 Watt lamp and said it was the most powerful 1100 watt single-ended HPS grow lamp they had tested in history. Consistently testing at 2,380 µmol (micromole), the Hyper Arc is a 1,100 watt grow lamp that features a 400-volt arc tube and TT65 European glass jacket that generates 177,000 lumens! A remarkable breakthrough in horticultural lighting technology, the fact Par Pro has been able to produce this in a single-ended E39 lamp design will be a dream come true for the thousands of growers utilizing single-ended reflectors.

The Par Pro Hyper Arc’s PBAR Flux is even more incredible, 2,688µmol! “PBAR” refers to Plant Biologically Active Radiation which is measured from 350 to 800 nm in the light spectrum. This value recognizes that plants have photopigments other than chlorophyll that is sensitive to a wider range of wavelengths than chlorophyll is.

HYPER ARC Specifications

  • 1,100 Watts
  • Ideal 2,000 Kelvin Spectrum (Fruiting & Flowering)
  • 177,900 Lumens
  • Standard E39 Mogul Base (SE Lamp)
  • Oversized 400 Volt Arc Tube
  • Uniform TT65 Outer Jacket

PPF - 2,380 umol/sec

PPF refers to Photosynthesis Photon Flux. This particular wavelength range (400-700 nanometers) has been idenified as important to the photosynthesis process

PBAR - 2,688 umol/sec

PBAR refers to the Plant Biologically Active Radiation. Plants have photopigments other than chlorophyll that are sensitive to a wider range of wavelengths (350 to 800 nanometers) than chlorophyll.

Luminous Flux - 177,900 Lumens

Luminous Flux represents the measured radiant power of the test lamp in units of lumens from 380 to 780 nanometers.

Tech Specs


BrandPar Pro
Weight (lb.)0.9
Prop 65No
Length (in.)2.9
Width (in.)2.8
Height (in.)15.7
Warranty1 Year
Lead TimeDue to social distancing requirements, this product ships in 7-10 Business Days
UL ListedNo
Lighting TypeHPS/MH - Single Ended
Base TypeE39 Mogul
Bulb OrientationUniversal
Bulb TypeSingle Ended High Pressure Sodium
Color Temp (Kelvin)2000 K
Color Rendering Index (CRI)35.5
Bulb Lumens177,900 Lumens
Exact Watts1100 Watts
Voltage400 Volts

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Par Pro 1,100 Watt Hyper Arc HPS Lamp Reviews

Way better then expected
Not often in today’s world do you get above described performance on a low price items. That’s exactly what you get here. I have mine anchored to the top of my Gorilla standard 5x5, the heat is obviously there and must be dealt with. But the result is incredible. Frost thick solid buds. Next crop will need be scrog’d they’re falling over from top being top heavy. I practice very early LST, so height has not been an issue for me. If you have the means I highly suggest these.

Plants love them
Awesome production, just be sure to keep them off the tops. They get hot,

excellent work exactly as well as my doublended
didn't like paying postage the reviews i read said free postage

These bulbs kick ASS. I compared these running on galaxy ballast, on turbo To my friends gavita de hps that he had on the 1150 watt setting and the umol / par was about the same and mine are in xxxl air cooled hoods! Very impressive. Be careful, get some flowers too close for too long and u will bleach em out by the time they’re done!!

more light than I expected
I upgraded to these new lamps from my solis tek lamps instead of the eye hortilux due to their pricing being so much higher.

I am running these on my solis tek ballasts and they are working great so far.

Early veg and I have better growth than I have ever seen in any of my previous grows.

Very excited to see what the hype is about
I saw a review a few weeks ago on these lights and I was nearing the time to replace my solis tek lamps so I decided to check out pricing. These are priced way better than I thought they would be, lower than eye hortilux and solis tek. I ordered 6 last week and they arrived in 2 days with free shipping, which was really cool. I will post back once I get these replace on my upcoming run next week. Thanks hydrobuilder. One thing that is really cool too is that they send the UL report with each lamp. most powerful they tested before. Excited to see how these run on my solis tek matrix ballast.

Swapped out my old Eye Hortilux lamps for these because they are rated so high and seem to be very legit. The ul report on them is great, plus the kicker, they are super affordable compared to eye hort. So far they seem to be working great, nice growth, dark foliage and happy plants overall. Cant wait to see how they flower

best bulb ever
seriously this made the biggest difference of any change I have ever made. This light has the output of a DE lamp but still, works with my single ended setup. Changing all 12 of my lamps to these after my flowers are finished. Only thing is you must have a high frequency ballast. Im using a solis tek matix ballast and they are amazing together. LOVE TECHNOLOGY!