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Complete Grow Tent Packages

Complete Grow Tent Packages

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Complete Nutrient Packages

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Pots & Containers

Shop Hydrobuilder’s impressive assortment of affordable pots, containers, grow bags and saucers in various sizes and materials for your greenhouse, yard or indoor gardening needs. Plastic and fabric pots are a great economic alternative to expensive and heavy planters and can be used with any grow media including soil, coco, clay pebbles, grow stones, rockwool cubes and more! We also have saucers in a variety of sizes to protect floors and decks from water damage and make checking water levels a breeze. Durability that will last season after season, Hydrobuilder.com offers quality options suitable for every application!

An essential for every gardener, standard 3 gallon and 5 gallon plastic buckets are perfect for DIY hydroponic systems and reservoirs or simply for transporting and holding liquids. Thermoformed plastic pots and nursery containers are lightweight yet sturdy alternatives to their injection molded counterparts.

Hydrobuilder has the best selection of pots regardless of what you're looking for. Often used in hydroponic systems, net pots work great for starting seeds and cuttings as well as for reducing transplant shock. Fabric pots allow air to travel into your plant’s root system. Rinse them out, store them and reuse them next season! Peat pots are the perfect all natural solution to seed starting and transplanting...and they’re biodegradable! Grow bags are a cost effective alternative to plastic pots with pre-punched holes which allow for adequate drainage. Air pots promote air pruning which leads to vigorous root growth. We all know healthy roots are the key to growing healthy mature plants!

Hydrobuilder has all of the pots, bags, containers, and saucers you need to get growing this season without breaking the bank! Interested in placing a bulk order? Give us a call!