Organic Bountea Nutrient Package

Organic Bountea Nutrient Package


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Organic Bountea Brand Product

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Organic Bountea Feeding Schedule

Organic Bounteas' aim is to provide high quality products and growing solutions that promote a bio-organic sustainable approach to plant growth and soil ecology as they help gardeners experience the joy and satisfaction of growing beautiful and productive gardens.

Organic Bountea Feeding Schedule

Bioactivator - Bioactivator is a specialized compost tea catalyst. Boosts the growth of beneficial soil microorganisms - greatly increases their concentration and diversity. Creates a balanced bacterial/funGallon compost tea. Helps the infiltration of beneficial microbes to the soil. 20+ years of proven effectiveness. Helps to restore soil ecology for optimal plant vitality.

Bountea Better Bloom B3 - A natural source of potassium and phosphorous. Promotes numerous buds and flowers. Encourages fragrant high-quality flowers. Supports setting and growth of nutritious fruit. Fortifies stressed plants during bloom phase. B3 is a vital part of the Bountea Growing System. Use as a soil drench during budding and flowering. A natural and organic alternative to chemical fertilizers.

Fungal Activator - A specialized compost tea catalyst. Boosts the growth of beneficial fungi - greatly increases their concentration and resilience. Creates a fungally dominant compost tea beneficial for plants with fibrous or woody stems. Use to pretreat humus for more prolific fungal growth. Beneficial fungi increase the plants uptake of essential nutrients (P,K, and Ca) and sequesters CO2 into the soil. Helps plants develop flowers and fruit.

Marine Mineral Magic M3 - A natural source of nitrogen and minerals. Boosts development of leaves and shoots. Fortifies stressed plants during growth phase. Re-mineralizes depleted soils. Supplies trace elements and nutrients. Invigorates soil ecology. An excellent source of diverse trace minerals from the land and the sea. Foliar feed plants with mineral or nutrient deficiencies. A natural and organic alternative to synthetic chemical fertilizers.

Root Web - 20 Species of beneficial fungal spores. Increases root growth and biomass. Increases fertilizer efficiency. Reduces water use. Increases plant yield. Reduces fungal disease.

SuperStart - Gives all plants a surge of life. Encourages strong development of seedlings and transplants. Supports increased root growth. Supplies essential nutrients and beneficial microbes. Reduces transplant shock. Revitalizes soil life and fertility. Contains mycorrhizae and a slow release NPK. Excellent food source for soil biology.

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BrandOrganic Bountea
Nutrient ApplicationSoil & Soilless Mix Nutrient
Nutrient TypeOrganic Based