Oil Coil Enail Kit is no longer available

Oil Coil Enail Kit is no longer available


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Availability: Discontinued

This product is no longer available, but we have so much more to show you!

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Oil Coil Enail Kit

The Oil Coil Enail kit comes with an industrial-strength aluminum controller that allows the user to see and adjust the temperature or timer on a built-in led screen. The temperature or timer can be easily adjusted up or down by one increment with the push of a button. The heat setting is capable of 0-999 degrees, and the timer is adjustable between 5-99 minutes, once the time limit has been reached the unit automatically turns off.

The universal coil can attach to a titanium nail with a quartz or titanium dish! The coil also fits the 14mm banger and is secured with 1 to 2 additional pins!

The stainless steel carb cap fits over the titanium dish, quartz dish, and banger for the perfect dab!


  • Metal Controller with LED display
  • Quick adapter whip connection with Universal Coil
  • A/c power cord
  • 14 mm banger and pins to attach to coil
  • 6 in 1 Titanium Nail with Titanium Dish
  • Quartz Dish for Titanium Nail
  • Universal Carb Cap fits all three setups.
  • Travel Case
  • Silicone container
Oil Coil Kit
Tech Specs


BrandOil Coil
Weight (lb.)1
Prop 65No
Length (in.)9
Width (in.)5
Height (in.)5
Warranty2 Years
UL ListedNo
Product Q&A

Oil Coil Enail Kit Questions & Answers

How does the temperature work?
You can manually adjust the temperature by 1 degree up or down with the push of a button. After 5 seconds of no use, the LED screen will show the current temperature of the coil and nail. The heat can be adjusted from 0'F - 999'F

How does the timer work?
You can manually adjust the timer by 1 minute up or down with the push of a button. After 5 seconds of no use, the LED screen will show the current temperature of the coil and nail. The unit atomically shuts the heat off once the time limit is reached. The previously used time limit will always be remembered for future use.

How does the coil work?
Oil Coil offers the only universal heating coil with a quick adapter connection. There is no need for different coils on different setups, as the universal coils fit our hybrid titanium nail and quartz banger. Our coil wraps around the bottom and outside of the nail or banger for the most consistent heat and accurate temperature reading. The universal coil can attach to:

  • Oil Coil Titanium Nail with quartz or titanium dish
  • Oil Coil Quartz Banger (secured with two additional pins)

What is the best temperature for use?
We recommend never exceeding 800 degrees with any dab accessories as the high temperature with increase oxidation and wear.

Most people are used to high temp dabs, which happens when the nail reaches scorching hot temperatures of 600 to 900oF. While most people usually try to heat up there nails or bangers as hot as possible to vaporize the concentrate immediately, this results in a shorter, harsher hit. It even puts more (and unnecessary) stress on the nail and torch.

Low temp dabbing occurs at far lower temperatures, usually around 350 to 450oF. Low temp dabs produce a smoother, more flavorful pull, which is better on the lungs and the tastebuds! Now, it may leave a little concentrate behind if you don't have an oil coil enail and carb cap. If you are using our drop-ins, you can remove it and reuse it until all the concentrate is gone.

To get rid of the pesky white residue or oxidation, you can use a method that's similar to seasoning your nail. Heat your coil to your usual dabbing temperature and submerge in a bowl of water that's about room temperature. The heated coil meeting the water will help remove the oxidation — be careful not to burn yourself!