Earth Juice Hi-Brix MFP

Earth Juice Hi-Brix MFP


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Take Your Plants to the Next Level with this Rare and Highly Prized Sugarcane Molasses!

Earth Juice® Hi-Brix™ MFP (“Molasses for Plants”)
A natural source of carbohydrates (sugars) and plant nutrients that has been specially tailored into liquid formulation for indoor and outdoor plants in soil and hydroponics.
MFP can be used in conjunction with a variety of fertilizers and is highly recommended for the brewing of plant teas.

Earth Juice® Hi-Brix™ Line:
Hi-Brix Grow Part A and Hi-Brix Bloom Part B are complimentary, sugarcane molasses based, 2-part plant food formulas for indoor/outdoor plants in soil or hydroponics. Parts A and B are to be used together through all phases of plant development.
Use the Original Hi-Brix “Molasses for Plants” for a dynamite finishing formula.


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Product Q&A

Earth Juice Hi-Brix MFP Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers Direct From Hydro-Organics, The Manufacturer Of Earth Juice!

  • WHAT EARTH JUICE NUTRIENT LINES DO YOU RECOMMEND FOR HYDROPONICS? Sugar Peak, Hi-Brix Grow & Bloom, Sweet & Heavy, and Elements are all excellent choices. They are also superb choices for hand-feeding applications.
  • WHAT IS THE SHELF LIFE OF EARTH JUICE PRODUCTS? Earth Juice liquids, granulars and solubles have an indefinite shelf life. Products containing Mycorrhizae and/or Microbes are generally packaged for use within 3-5 years. Earth Juice Sugar Peak, Sweet & Heavy, Hi-Brix Grow & Bloom may develop sugar crystal deposits that will not alter the effectiveness of the products.
  • DO I NEED TO AERATE MY HYDROPONIC RESERVOIR WHEN USING EARTH JUICE? For best results, we recommend to continuously aerate reservoir solutions with a high quality air pump. It is especially recommended when using Earth Juice Sugar Peak, Hi-Brix Grow & Bloom and Sweet & Heavy.
  • IS IT NECESSARY TO CHANGE MY RESERVOIR WHEN USING EARTH JUICE? We recommend keeping systems fresh by draining, flushing lines (if necessary) and adding fresh solution every 14-28 days.
  • DO I NEED TO USE REVERSE OSMOSIS WHEN USING EARTH JUICE? We recommend to use good TAP water whenever possible. Rule of Thumb: If the tap water is considered potable and it’s being applied to the outdoor landscape & houseplants without any adverse affects on plants and/or turf, it's probably fairly reasonable to say it's ok for mixing with Earth Juice.
  • THERE IS A CONTRADICTION IN RECOMMENDED USE RATES BETWEEN THE CHARTS AND THE INSTRUCTIONS LISTED ON THE BOTTLE. WHICH IS MORE CORRECT? Most of the Earth Juice products are very forgiving and allowed for wide variations in rates and frequencies of use. The charts are only general guidelines and will vary due to fertilizer combinations.
  • MY NEW, UNOPENED BOTTLE OF EARTH JUICE DOES NOT SHAKE. IS IT SOLID? It is not solid and it will shake & pour. The material after the initial filling can temporarily adhere to the bottom of the bottle giving the product a feel of being solid. By following these steps the product will become easy pour liquid: Make sure the cap is properly & tightly secure, turn the bottle upside down and shake for 5-10 seconds. If the material does not appear to be letting loose, carefully strike the bottom of the bottle with the heel of your hand or give it a couple of light taps with a rubber pallet and shake. Once it has been thoroughly mixed (shook), it will continue to remain in a more fluid state.
  • Shake All Earth Juice Products Vigorously Before Each Use.
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