Primordial Solutions Sea Green

Primordial Solutions Sea Green

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Primordial Solutions Sea Green MSDS

Primordial Solutions Sea Green focuses on vigorous plant development and soil conditioning.


  • Increases nutrient consumption under any condition
  • Regulates beneficial nutrients
  • Thrives on negative soil conditions caused by no-till and occasional-till farming
  • Self-dispersing time released formula
  • Contains a cell count in the trillions
  • Increases types and amounts of nutrients that can be easily absorbed by your plants
  • Eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers
  • Does not cause nutrient burn when overused
  • Prevents transference of GMO genes
  • Improves flavor
  • Lengthens shelf life
  • Can be combined with any nutrient program
  • Has been proven to increase yields up to 45%
  • Safe for human exposure

Derived From:
Fish Protein Hydrolysate

Application Rate:
Foliar Feeding and Rooting - Apply 0.5-1 ml per gallon of water
Hydroponics - Add 0.5-1 ml per gallon of water
Soil - Add 1-3ml per gallon of solution
Compost Tea - Add 0.5-1 ml per gallon after brewing
Fruiting/Flowering Heavy Feeding - Add 2-3ml per gallon of water

Heavy foaming may occur in reservoir with the addition of Sea Green. This is normal.


Primordial Solutions Sea Green Reviews

Used it for years best stuff ever

Greener, smellier, and more resilient
It seems the plants like this Sea Green. They have a lush green look, smell great, and seem to rebound faster from my mistakes.

Use when transplanting.
When used to feed immediately following a transplant, you can bypass shock. I used along with Roots Organic liquid kelp and stepped back. She stretched her legs and took off.

it's good
I think Sea Green is a good product for organic. Still using it thru a full run to determine what I really think.

It's Okay
It's okay for organic.

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