Primordial Solutions Sea Green Hydro

Primordial Solutions Sea Green Hydro


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Primordial Solutions Brand Product
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Primordial Solutions Sea Green focuses on vigorous plant development and soil conditioning.


  • Increases nutrient consumption under any condition
  • Regulates beneficial nutrients
  • Thrives on negative soil conditions caused by no-till and occasional-till farming
  • Self-dispersing time released formula
  • Contains a cell count in the trillions
  • Increases types and amounts of nutrients that can be easily absorbed by your plants
  • Eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers
  • Does not cause nutrient burn when overused
  • Prevents transference of GMO genes
  • Improves flavor
  • Lengthens shelf life
  • Can be combined with any nutrient program
  • Has been proven to increase yields up to 45%
  • Safe for human exposure

Derived From:
Fish Protein Hydrolysate

Application Rate:
Foliar Feeding and Rooting - Apply 0.5-1 ml per gallon of water
Hydroponics - Add 0.5-1 ml per gallon of water
Soil - Add 1-3ml per gallon of solution
Compost Tea - Add 0.5-1 ml per gallon after brewing
Fruiting/Flowering Heavy Feeding - Add 2-3ml per gallon of water

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