Kalix Soluble Microbes Maintain

Kalix Soluble Microbes Maintain


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Kalix Microbes Maintain is a specialized blend of beneficial bacteria and fungi

Kalix Microbes Azo blend has been formulated for use during the fruiting/flowering phase.

*Note this product has extremely high spore counts or CFU and is designed for commercial production.

Designed for commercial production, KALIX stage-specific microbe blends boast extremely high spore counts and can be used to inoculate at any time during the plant's life cycle.

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Inoculate at any time throughout plants life with KALIX stage-specific microbe blends.

Kalix Azo Bkend

Microbes Azo Blend

May be inoculated during all stages of plant growth including rooting, cuttings and transplant

Kalix Start

Microbes Start

Use this blend to start beneficial bacteria & fungi during the Grow / Vegetative phase.

Directions for use: See chart below. *454 g = 1 lb* *Use same dosage for rooting and transplant

Weight per 1 TBS Suggested Dosage for Solution Feeding
4 TBS(30g) - 8 TBS(60g) / 100 Gal
40 TBS(300g) - 80 TBS(600g) / 1000 Gal

Storage: Store in a cool dry environment out of direct sunlight (between 35° F - 100° F)

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