Fox Farm Marine Cuisine Dry Fertilizer

Fox Farm Marine Cuisine Dry Fertilizer


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Marine Cuisine Dry Fertilizer MSDS

This fertilizer is a power bar for your plants!

Marine Cuisine® is a powerful all-purpose fertilizer that blends fine ocean-based ingredients like crab meal, shrimp meal, seabird guano, and kelp, with low-sodium mineral plant foods to give your garden a quick boost and provide long-lasting, time-release nutrition.

This fertilizer is a power bar for your plants! Use it wherever you want lush flowers and delicious fruit, and try it on your most demanding trees and shrubs. Marine Cuisine® is an ideal fertilizer for flowers and vegetable gardens, ornamental trees and shrubs, fruit trees, roses, container plants, and lawns. Marine Cuisine® is truly Seafood for your Garden!™

Garden tip: Use Marine Cuisine® as a general, all-purpose fertilizer throughout the growing season. For new plantings and container plants, add just 1 tablespoon per gallon of soil. In established gardens, broadcast evenly around the foliage canopy. Use 1-2 tablespoons for every foot of plant height, and rake in lightly. Pull any excess fertilizer away from the base of the plant. Water thoroughly.

For best results, feed in early spring and midsummer and mulch in spring and fall.

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