NugSmasher 7 Gram Premium Extraction Bags, Pack of 12 (90u, 120u, 160u)

NugSmasher 7 Gram Premium Extraction Bags, Pack of 12 (90u, 120u, 160u)


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NugSmasher Brand Product

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Hand made in the USA

Premium double stitched extraction bags 2.6" x 3" - 90, 120, 160 Micron 7 gram

Nugsmasher extraction bags, these bags are recommended for optimal yield and clean quality rosin. Our bags are hand-made in the USA! Nugsmasher extraction bags are specifically designed to work with the weight of fresh cured flower together with our extraction machines and are labeled accordingly at: 3.5 g, 7 g and 14 g this assumes the bags are loaded (BTS) or bottle/barrel-tech style (upright so that you end up with the round coin like puck once fully pressed). This perfected method allows you the ability to put the proper weight of flower into the bag and get a consistent extraction every time. This method also allows for the proper pounds per square inch of pressure (PSI) on your product and eliminates the guess work.

  • 3.5g = 1.5"-1.6”Diameter
  • 7g = 2"-2.2”Diameter
  • 14g = 2.4"-2.7"Diameter

We prefer to use 160 micron for fresh flower, as flower drys we go down in micron screen size (for dry flower use 90 micron). As the micron gets smaller the Diameter get larger, this is the reason for the variance in the diameter numbers above.

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