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NPK Industries Nutrient Package


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NPK Industries RAW Grow
NPK Industries Raw Bloom
NPK Industries RAW Dry Nitrogen
NPK Industries RAW Dry Phosphorus
NPK Industries RAW Dry Potassium
NPK Industries RAW Dry Kelp
NPK Industries RAW Dry Humic Acid
NPK Industries RAW Dry Silica
NPK Industries RAW Dry Yucca
NPK Industries RAW Dry B-Vitamin
NPK Industries RAW Dry Calcium/Mag
NPK Industries RAW Dry Full Up
NPK Industries RAW Dry OminA
NPK Industries RAW Dry Cane Molasses
NPK Industries Raw Microbes Grow Stage
NPK Industries RAW Microbes Bloom Stage

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NPK Industries Nutrient Package

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NPK Industries created the RAW Solubles product line that consists of twelve soluble powders each derived from the highest quality sources that gives you ultimate control over the ratio of essential elements and organic biostimulants in the feeding program.

NPK Industries Feeding Schedule

Raw Grow and Bloom - RAW Grow and Bloom are tested blends of RAW soluble plant nutrients, essential elements and supplements that have been proven to be optimal all in one horticultural fertilizers.

RAW Dry Nitrogen - RAW Nitrogen provides added nitrogen to any plant or feeding program when your plant needs it most or whenever you wish to boost the available nitrogen in your nutrient formulation due to deficiency or in conjunction with your plant growth strategy.

RAW Dry Phosphorus - RAW Phosphorus is an essential element for plant growth. Phosphorus itself is required for all life and is often a limiting nutrient for crops. Its purpose cannot be fulfilled by any other element. Due to its many uses at all stages of growth, crops attempting to maintain optimum growth levels are often deficient in Phosphorus.

RAW Dry Potassium - RAW Potassium provides added potassium to any plant or feeding program when your plant needs it most or whenever you wish to boost the available potassium in your nutrient formulation due to deficiency or in conjunction with your plant growth strategy.

RAW Dry Kelp - Ideal for use in gardens, houseplants, lawns, trees, greenhouses, rowcrops, ornamentals, and pastures. This soluble Kelp has been used on food crops for over 10 years with fantastic results.

RAW Dry Humic Acid - RAW Humic Acid increases overall plant productivity, in terms of yield, as well as plant strength. Humic Acid may increase micronutrient uptake. RAW Humic Acid is a great way to supplement any feeding program.

RAW Dry Silica - RAW Silica strengthens both the interior and exterior cell walls which helps provide non-toxic preventative protection against fungal infections and insect infestations as well as better internal flow of water and nutrients and greater tolerance to heat other environmental stresses.

RAW Dry Yucca - The Yucca plant spends its whole life trying to store and save enough water. For this reason it is known for assisting other plants to uptake and process water and with that water comes nutrients.

RAW Dry B-Vitamin - RAW B-Vitamin can assist at any time in a plant's life where the plant may become stressed through transplanting, high salinity, pathogens, nutrient deficiencies, high fruit loading, etc. RAW B-Vitamin is a great way to supplement any feeding program. Think of it as an insurance policy for your plants!

RAW Dry Calcium/Mag - Calcium is essential for living organisms, in particular in cell physiology, where movement of the calcium ion into and out of the cytoplasm functions as an important signal for many cellular processes. RAW Calcium/Mag is a great way to supplement any feeding program. RAW Calcium/Mag is a fully water soluble calcium additive which dissolves quickly in water without any residue. Contains 15% calcium and 3% magnesium.

RAW Dry Full Up - RAW Full Up easily passes through plant's cell walls, carrying orpiggybacking,' minerals that are otherwise useless to plants. RAW Full Up ensures the supply of essential vitamins and nutrients to plants cells that they would otherwise be unable to receive.

RAW Dry OminA - RAW ominA is an extremely effective chelating agent, naturally facilitating the delivery of minerals to plants in order to correct deficiencies and to prevent deficiencies from occurring. RAW ominA is highly soluble and may be mixed with other fertilizers and organic amendments.

RAW Dry Cane Molasses - RAW Cane Molasses is derived from plants, meaning the majority of the minerals that were contained in the original sugar cane are still present. The carbohydrates and the natural micronutrients found in RAW Cane Molasses are therefore quickly assimilated into soil and plants.

Raw Microbes Grow Stage - Grow Stage MICROBES are a specific group of beneficial bacteria and fungi formulated specially for the Grow (vegetative) stage of plants. This variety of microbes is designed to promote root growth & nutrient availability during the grow stage. Inoculate seedlings and established vegetative plants with the highest CFU's on the market! All RAW Microbes are double tested, both the individual culture/species as well as the final blend.

Raw Microbes Bloom Stage - Bloom Stage MICROBES are a specific group of Beneficial Bacteria and Fungi formulated specially for the Flower/Bloom Stage of plants. This variety of Microbes is designed to promote Nutrient Availability & Plant Protection during the Bloom Stage. Inoculate flowering and fruiting plants with the highest CFU’s on the market! All RAW Microbes are Double Tested, both the individual culture/species as well as the Final Blend. We test twice to ensure accuracy and viability!


Nutrient Application nutrients_application Soil & Soilless Mix Nutrient
Nutrient Type nutrients_organic Synthetic Based
Ease of Use ease_of_use Advanced

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