Netafim 24 VAC Series 80 Globe Valve with Flow Control

Netafim 24 VAC Series 80 Globe Valve with Flow Control

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80 series reinforced nylon control valves

Netafim Series 80 Globe Control Valves are simple to operate and maintain. Reliable even in harsh conditions. Tight sealing valve with fully supported diaphragm. The 1 1/2 inch flow range is 0.25 - 110 GPM.

Equipped with a unique mechanism for fast reaction, these globe and angle valves are the right product for high-frequency irrigation or climate control. Made of composite materials they’re highly resistant to chemicals, UV and corrosion. They’re also designed to make it easy for you to configure them for different kinds of uses such as pressure regulating, pressure sustaining or quick relief.

Why millions of growers use our valves?

As the world leaders in irrigation, we know that controlling hydraulic flow and protecting your irrigation system is key to your success. That's why we offer the 80 series reinforced nylon control valves with an innovative rigid plug mechanism that ensures tight closing and opening of the valve in order to protect your irrigation system against pressure fluctuation. Equipped with a fully supported diaphragm, the 80 series reinforced nylon control valves guarantee rapid and precise control that is crucial when dealing with water hammers.

When to choose series 80 valves

Series 80 is specially designed to operate and protect irrigation networks in open fields, greenhouses, hydroponics and mist systems that require maximum pressure of 10 bar.

What makes series 80 valves special:

Optimal Protection - Tight closing & quick opening is achieved by a rigid plug mechanism that is suitable for high pressure applications and rapid response to water pressure fluctuations.

Efficient Installation - The valves are available in both globe and angle shapes and therefore eliminate the use of elbow joints and extending pipelines.

Extensive Flexibility - Available with full range of control functions, various end connections and a selection of 2 way and 3-way bonnets with integral accessories.

3/4 Inch1 Inch1 1/2 Inch
Recommended Flow Ranges.01 - 26 GPM.01 - 44 GPM.25 - 176 GPM
Minimum Operating Pressure7 PSI7 PSI7 PSI
Maximum Water Temperature140 Degrees Fahrenheit140 Degrees Fahrenheit140 Degrees Fahrenheit
Standard Solenoid Voltage24VAC ± 10% voltage24VAC ± 10% voltage24VAC ± 10% voltage
Solenoid Inrush Current.22 Amps.22 Amps.22 Amps
Solenoid Holding Current.095 Amps.095 Amps.095 Amps
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