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Mother Earth Coco

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Mother Earth Coco

Mother Earth Coco is an RHP Certified* natural plant growth media that is a great alternative to potting soil and other traditional growing medias.

Mother Earth Coco substrate contains the highest-quality mix of coco pith and coco fiber. RHP certified for quality, Mother Earth® Coco is pre-buffered and pH adjusted to neutral at 6.3–6.8. Mother Earth® Coco will promote strong root growth, populate microbial activity, discourage disease and insect outbreak and release nutrients evenly. For an optimal hydroponic media, combine Mother Earth® Coco with Mother Earth Hydroton or Perlite for increased production. This is uncharged inert media.

*RHP optimizes and secures the quality of peat products, raw materials, potting soil compositions, substrates, soil supllu and soil improvers. RHP certification assures growers that their substrate/growing media meets the strictest quality and consistency standards that many of the largest growers in the world demand.


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First coco grow
first time in coco and my plants did great. I'll be making a few changes to how I feed my plant next run, but overall im pleased. No major ph issues

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