LTL Controls CO2 Generator

LTL Controls CO2 Generator


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LTL Controls Brand Product
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There are 2 distinct types of LTL Controls CO2 Generators available, those for Propane and those for Natural Gas. These are offered in either 8 or 10 burner configurations. You can then choose between High Altitude (above 5,000 ft) and Low Altitude (below 5,000 ft) models of each.

All generators come with the correct regulator and hose, along with pre-installed, clean-burning brass burners. All units are equipped with features like a safety tip-over switch, which automatically turns off the unit if it tips over or falls, an electronic ignition with dual redundant solenoid valves, which eliminates the open pilot flame and makes these generators twice as safe as others on the market.

LTL Control CO2 Generator Specs

Model Burner Count Fuel Type Operating Altitude Max Area (cu ft) Max CO2 (cu ft) BTU Rating
220874 8 Natural Gas >5000 ft. 8000 19.2 19640
221074 10 Natural Gas >5000 ft. 10000 24 24550
221097 10 Propane <5000 ft. 10000 26.50 22630
220894 8 Propane >5000 ft. 8000 16.80 14304
221094 10 Propane >5000 ft. 10000 21.00 17880
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