Lotus Pro Nutrient Package

Lotus Pro Nutrient Package


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Lotus Pro Nutrient Package
$33.95 - $375.95
Lotus Pro Nutrient Package
$33.95 - $375.95
Lotus Pro Nutrient Package
$35.95 - $249.95
Lotus Pro Nutrient Package
$23.95 - $149.95
Lotus Pro Nutrient Package
$22.95 - $149.95
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Lotus Premium Soil & Hydroponic Powder Plant Nutrients. Formulated By Medical Growers. Designed For Medicinal Plants.

Lotus Nutrients were scientifically developed by Northern California growers with decades of medicinal plant cultivation experience. Our Team is comprised of growers, scientists and horticulturists whose growing styles and preferences runs the gamut. Unable to agree on any current line of soil & hydroponic nutrients and frustrated with the required multiple step mixing process, they united with one unique vision to create the benchmark for pure medicinal grade plant nutrients. After many years of research, testing and development our team proudly gives you the cutting edge of Pure Premium Hydroponic Plant Nutrients. LOTUS

Lotus Pro Series Bloom - Lotus Pro Series Bloom is specifically designed to trigger the rapid onset of flowering, by providing your plants with all the necessary components needed for strong development, producing dense, massive yields spanning all flowering sites.

Lotus Pro Series Grow - Lotus Pro Series Grow is specially formulated to give your plants exactly what they need to produce lush, rapid vegetative growth. Lotus Pro Series Grow will aid in producing thick stems, tight inter-nodal spacing, dense canopy development and massive root systems, all of which are the building blocks for successful harvests. Contains over 15 separate ingredients uniformly distributed through the powder.

Lotus Pro Series Boost - Lotus Pro Series Boost is the turbo-charged secret weapon that leads to an unsurpassed size and density of flowers, while maximizing oil production for increased potency and taste.

Lotus Pro Series Cal/Mag - Lotus Pro Series Cal/Mag is a premium source of the two most readily absorbed secondary nutrients, integral for balanced and healthy growth, essential for coco based grows.

Lotus Pro Series Carboflush - Lotus Pro Series Carboflush is designed to remove excess nutrient buildup stored within plants and medium, and acts as a catalyst for flushing your plants in their final stage of growth, while still providing the necessary components for microbial activity. Essential in producing the purest and healthiest harvests imaginable.

In an industry where growers are faced with hundreds of nutrients options, Lotus set out to make a simpler, more complete, 3 part nutrient line that replaces the need for complex 8-10 part recipes. Our pure, 3 part system gives your plants everything they need to for development from seed to harvest, giving you unmatched results in flowering and fruiting plants. Specifically formulated for medicinal plants and comprised of 15 unique raw, natural ingredients including 13 essential macro and micro elements as well as raw materials including seaweed plant extract, humalite, and plant protein hydrolysate. Lotus Nutrients are 100% water soluble formula milled and blended to provide perfect consistency and contains no binders, fillers, or dyes.

Any Grow - Any Size - Every Skill Level

Growers of all skill levels and grows of varying sizes and plant varieties will benefit from the pure simplicity of LOTUS Nutrients. The LOTUS product line suits all techniques and grow methods from basic soil, to complicated hydroponic systems.

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Nutrient ApplicationHydroponic and Soil Nutrient
Nutrient TypeSynthetic Based