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  • Growlink Automated Controllers Review

    Formerly known as Hydropods, Growlink is taking the automation industry by storm! With some of the most advanced environment controlling devices on the market, its no surprise this brand is so popular.

    Automate, Monitor, Control, and Analyze your grow room from your phone

    The Growlink Controllers and App gives you remote access to monitor sensor data in real time and control any connected devices through your phone or computer.

    Gone are the days of running wires all over your grow room and manually taking measurements through various devices.

    You can now easily set up a rule based system including sensor triggers, timers, and schedules to automate the grow process.

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  • Review of the KindLED K5 Series LED Grow Lights

    A quick look at the K5 Series from KIND LED offering some great features including adjustable spectrum control.

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