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  • Drip Irrigation: Everything You Need To Know

    Your garden is beautiful and bountiful, however, it can be too much to manage and water on a daily basis. As your garden grows it becomes more important to find an easy way to water your plants.

    Drip irrigation systems are a popular way to water plants in outdoor gardens, greenhouses, and even indoor hydroponic gardens. Here at Hydrobuilder we highly recommended this method to water plant and vegetable gardens. 

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  • Mixing Plant Nutrients - How Order Affects Absorption

    There are a lot of growers who are unaware how mixing plant nutrients affects uptake and absorption rates. 

    You may not have realized it, but if you don’t mix plant nutrients in the right order, you can cause some to turn to precipitate, and thus they won’t be taken up by your plants.

    In this post, we are going to teach you the proper order to mix your nutrients in. But first, we want to cover the basics of mixing plant nutrients and some general safety information.

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  • Common Mistakes Growers Make On Their First Grow

    Growing isn't as tough as it seems, but there are certainly a few common mistakes growers make their first time around.

    A lot of it has to do with undergoing it or overdoing it, in terms of water, nutrients, pesticides, plant count and size.

    Such mistakes usually end up affecting the overall yield, potency, and health of the garden.

    If you are a first time grower, or even if you have a couple grows under your belt, this guide will help you avoid the common pitfalls of new growers.

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  • Watering Plants 101: Expert Tips

    While it sounds so simple, there are certain things you need to know about how to properly water plants.

    Your watering schedule needs to be dialed in for great yields.

    Two of the most common mistakes new growers make are over watering and under watering. These issues can not only prevent you from achieving your desired yield. They can honestly ruin your grow.

    We're going to teach you best practices for providing your plants the perfect amount of water, every time.

    We want to explain the problems that can arise when you water too much or too little. This will help you understand the gravity of this task.

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  • Outdoor Growing: How To Grow Big Plants In Your Backyard

    Outdoor growing presents many opportunities and challenges that wouldn’t exist with indoor growing.

    Everyone should try to grow flower in their backyard at some point, because its the purest form of gardening there is.

    From huge yields to low costs, the reasons to grow plants outdoors are plentiful!

    We’ll cover them in-depth, along with some of the less enjoyable things that accompany outdoor growing.

    Then, we’ll teach you everything you need to know so you can get your plants started outside!

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  • How To Transplant A Plant

    Learning how to transplant a plant is a vital step in becoming a serious grower. Transplanting is a necessity if you want your plants to reach their full potential. 

    You want your plants roots to have all the room they need, as they directly influence how your plant grows above soil. We will go in depth on when and how to transplant, but first, let’s talk about why this is so important.

  • Plant Training - The Definitive Guide To Getting Bigger Yields

    As you become a more serious grower, the bulk of your work will be on plant training.

    Whether you are simply topping your plants, or bending and tying branches down, you need to do more than just feed your plants and let them grow if you want impressive yields.

    Training your plants leads to more explosive growth, heavier yields, and the ability to dictate the manner in which your plants grow. 

    This is really important for indoor growing, where height may be limited, and you need to grow short, bushy plants.

    Before we start covering all the different methods of plant training, let’s cover some basic information on it!

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  • Indoor Growing - The Definitive Guide To Gardening Inside

    Indoor growing is becoming more and more popular, especially as technology makes it easier.

    There are so many reasons you should consider growing plants indoors

    Maybe you want to continue growing your favorite plants during the cold winter months.

    Or, you want to create your own growing environment to get bigger yields and more potent flower.

    Maybe you just want a new challenge - and growing plants indoors is just that.

    We are going to teach you everything you need to know about indoor growing.

    By the end of this guide, you will know everything you need to grow huge plants in the comfort of your own home!

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  • Indoor Grow Room Design & Setup Examples

    Are you struggling with indoor grow room design & setup?

    This can be one of the most exciting parts of growing, as you can visualize your indoor garden.

    Just the thought of your growing and flowering plants indoors and flowering can excite any grower. But, some newer growers get caught up here.

    This is a very important and meticulous step, however, and you should put diligent thought into how you are going to design your grow room.

    The growing room will dictate how your plants grow, the number of plants, and the number of supplies you will need.

    Do you have a spare bedroom?

    A closet?

    An entire garage?

    We are going to show you some indoor common grow room setup you can copy for your own setup, and talk about some important things to consider when designing your grow room!

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  • Seed Germination: How To Start Seeds Quickly

    What Is Seed Germination?

    It's pretty simple - as you can probably already surmise, this is simply a fancy way to say "start seeds". When we talk about germinating seeds, we're talking about getting a seed to pop a taproot and turn into a seedling. From there, the seedling turns into a full-blown plant.

    There is a ton of work that goes into seed germination. Is it really even worth germinating seeds, or are you better off going with clones?

    When planting from seed, you are able to select from a wide variety of strains and genetics. Another reason some growers will choose to germinate seeds instead of cloning is that a seedling will generally yield weight more than a cloned plant.

    Today we are going to teach you how to germinate seeds quickly and efficiently.

    First, let's cover all the reasons you should consider the seed starting instead of starting clones, along with what a seed actually needs to start popping taproots. Of course, we need to begin by asking "what is seed germination?" for those who are new.

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