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  • Complete Guide On Beneficial Bugs For Plants

    You are probably used to fighting insects in the garden, but did you know there are actually beneficial bugs for plants?

    Certain insects can be your only way to prevent an infestation of aphids or mites from wiping out your garden. 

    This idea of bringing more bugs into the garden to eliminate existing bugs sounds a bit backwards, but this is a pest control strategy as old as time.

    We’ll cover which beneficial insects work best for which pests, and help you restore the ideal conditions to your garden!

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  • Fungus Gnats - How To Prevent And Remove From Your Grow Room

    Fungus gnats are a common indoor grow room pest, and can be incredibly frustrating.

    These small, black, mosquito-like flies reproduce rapidly and endlessly. If you do not take swift action at the first sign of an infestation, you are in for a world of trouble.

    Regardless of whether you are growing indoors or outdoors, you can run into these pesky bugs.

    Luckily, treating your infested grow room or garden can be pretty simple. We will give you a number of ways to eradicate them, ranging from standard pesticides to beneficial bugs.

    First, though, we need to go into more detail into what these bugs actually look like, and how to identify them. There are also a few things you need to know to ensure you aren't inviting them into your garden.

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  • Spider Mites on Plants - How to ID and Remove

    One of the smallest indoor gardening pests, spider mites can also be one of the most devastating to your plants.

    There are also a variety of spider mite species within the mite family. The rate at which these bugs reproduce is incredibly fast.

    Female spider mites can lay about 14,000 spider mite eggs during their life cycle. This means an infestation could grow to over 1 million spider mites in 4 weeks!

    This is why following a grow checklist, and checking your plants thoroughly on a consistent basis is so important.

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  • Powdery Mildew - Definitive Guide To Prevention And Treatment

    One morning you step into your grow room to check your plants, and you notice something alarming - powdery mildew.

    Seemingly overnight, little white splotches have appeared on the leaves of one of your plants.

    You have found a case of powdery mildew, which is one of the most common fungal infections growers will experience.

    If you are combating powdery mildew currently, don’t worry. We will explain how to eradicate it efficiently. 

    But first, let’s discuss it in more detail, and explain how you can take steps to prevent it from infecting your plants in the first place.

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  • The Most Common Grow Room Pests And Diseases

    Insects and mites can really put a damper on your grow. Learn how to defeat each of these and what you can do to prevent them.

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