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  • Drip Irrigation: Everything You Need To Know

    Your garden is beautiful and bountiful, however, it can be too much to manage and water on a daily basis. As your garden grows it becomes more important to find an easy way to water your plants.

    Drip irrigation systems are a popular way to water plants in outdoor gardens, greenhouses, and even indoor hydroponic gardens. Here at Hydrobuilder we highly recommended this method to water plant and vegetable gardens. 

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  • Is Wildfire Smoke Bad For Plants? Everything You Need To Know

    Are you, your family, and your indoor plants or garden protected from all of the pollution created by wildfire smoke?

    Don't wait to find out that you are not prepared for wildfire season. It seems now more than ever the fire season never ends. In 2023 we are seeing massive wildfires in Canada affecting most of the eastern United States. This is causing many people, animals, and plants to suffer. Luckily there are steps you can take to help protect yourself and your plants.

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  • Best RO System For Growing Plants Of 2024

    Clean water is essential in hydroponics which is why the best RO system for growing plants is such an important topic for you to explore.

    This is even true if you grow in soil - impurities in your tap water can be detrimental to your crop, whether you grow at home as a hobbyist or in a commercial warehouse professionally.

    Don’t let something as simple as water quality affect your harvest - invest in the best reverse osmosis system for hydroponics and protect your plants.

    As the experts in all things hydroponics, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to cover an option for every grower out there - our list will feature filters as small as 75 GPD all the way up to systems rated at 19,000 GPD & above!

    By the end of this article, you’ll be well equipped to pick and size your water filter. You'll never have to worry about chlorine or sediments messing up your grow or not knowing what the actual PPM of your water is!

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  • The Best Hydroponic Water Pump Of 2024

    Having the best hydroponic water pump can be the difference between a flawless system that produces prolific yields and a devastating crop failure.

    By choosing cheap, low quality components for your system, you are choosing to take on the risk that comes with cutting corners.

    We see growers invest in faulty pumps far too often, which is why we’ve decided to compile our list of the best water pumps for hydroponics currently on the market.

    These will ensure your plants get the nutrients they need, when they need them. You won’t have to stress about whether your unit will fail when you leave the grow room or take a vacation - you can feel confident about investing in the best, and you’ll be rewarded come harvest time!

    Whether you’re in the market for the best submersible water pump for hydroponics or you’re after an inline option, you’re a small-scale hobbyist or large-scale commercial cultivar, we’ll have a perfect pick for you!

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  • The Best Seed Starter Kit Of 2024

    If you prefer germination to cloning, you need the best seed starter kit possible. This will help increase the germination rate - how many seeds take root - along with your efficiency - how quickly these seeds take root.

    As you can imagine, getting more seeds sprouted in a quicker manner will help you get more plants to harvest quicker - making this a no brainer investment. We don’t have to convince you that these are worth the money, you already know!

    But, while there are some really great options out there - there are just as many cheap, low quality setups that should be avoided at all costs. 

    That’s the tricky part - identifying which kit is best for you and your grow. What components do you need, and what do you not need? We’re going to break it all down for you today and make it simple - offering up our takes for the top germination kits on the market.

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  • The Best Inline Fans For Grow Tents & Rooms Of 2024

    In order to keep your climate dialed in and odors at bay, you’ll need the best inline fan for grow tents or grow rooms - depending on how you’re growing indoors.

    The grow room climate is not an aspect you want to skimp on - a premium fan is worth it’s weight in gold, because it will ensure your plants have the perfect conditions in terms of temperature and humidity. It will also help expel stinky, stale air from your growing space.

    The last thing you want is to invest in any aspect of your grow and then deal with equipment failure - but unfortunately, that's inevitable when you try to pinch pennies on a noisy, outdated fan.

    We’re going to explain why finding the best inline fan for your grow room is so important - and we’ll help you choose the right one for you, explaining best practices for sizing.

    After that, we’re going to offer some suggestions - our picks for the top inline fans of the year. We’re going to share options for every type of grower - whether you’re a hobbyist with a small closet grow or a commercial grower with a huge warehouse. Let’s start with some basic information on these fans.

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  • The Best Garden Pesticides & Fungicides Of 2024

    Whether you’re acting preventatively or dealing with an existing outbreak, you need the best garden pesticide & fungicide on hand to keep your plants safe and healthy in a worst case scenario.

    While these types of products may have a negative connotation in certain communities, the hate is unwarranted - when used properly, pest & disease control products are entirely safe for you, the environment, and of course, your plants. We’ll cover this more in depth later on.

    In this article, you’re also going to learn when & how these types of products should be used, and how you can do so safely.

    Of course, we’re also going to cover the main topic of this blog post - the top insecticides & fungicides you can implement in your grow room or garden. 

    We’ll help you weigh the pros and cons of each product, and consider variables such as plant & bug type, organic vs synthetic, & much more. 

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  • The Best Grow Room Humidifiers Of 2024

    If you struggle to keep moisture up in your growing space, you need the best humidifier for your grow room.

    Many growers struggle to keep humidity down, particular those who live in humid climates. But plenty of us grow in super dry regions as well, such as the west coast, southwest region of the US, etc.

    In these specific areas, it’s not uncommon for plants to struggle with growth because the environment they’re in does not have ample moisture.

    If this sounds like you, read on to learn about the best humidifier for your grow room. We’ll cover an option for each type of growing space, from small grow tent growers to large scale commercial facilities. 

    Not every grow room needs one of these though, so we'll address this and discuss who should and should not invest in a humidity device.

    Let's start by talking about what exactly these units do, and what happens if grow room humidity is too low!

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  • The Best Dehumidifier for Grow Rooms of 2024

    If you’re struggling with excess moisture when growing indoors, you need the best grow room dehumidifier for the task. These days, there truly is a unit for every grower out there.

    Whether you’re a hobbyist growing in a tent or a commercial grower with hundreds of plants packed into your facility, you need a dehumidification system that can stand the test of time and protect your crop.

    But with so many different brands and styles online, which one is best for you?

    Today, we’re going to help you choose the right one for you and your grow. We’ll cover why you need one of these in your room regardless of scale. Then, we'll explain how we selected the top picks this year. 

    Then, we’ll outline which dehumidifier is best for which type of grower. By the end of this article, you'll be able to easily select the right one! Let’s dive in. 

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  • The Best CMH Grow Lights Of 2024

    If you are looking for the best CMH grow lights to take your plants from seed to harvest, you have come to the right place. 

    Not only are we going to share our top ceramic metal halide grow lighting picks of the year, but we’ll help you pick the right one for you and your grow room.

    CMH grow lighting is a great technology for full cycle growing, right up there with LED grow lights

    Whether this is your first light or you’re looking to upgrade from your existing grow light setup, we have something for you on this list.

    Let’s start by covering some basic information on this technology, and explain our criteria in picking the candidates for this list!

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