Review of the KindLED K5 Series LED Grow Lights

A quick look at the K5 Series from KIND LED offering some great features including adjustable spectrum control.

Review of the KindLED K5 Series LED Grow Lights


KINDLed K5 Series LED Grow Light Review

The K5's come in two models, the 750 and 1000 watts. KINDLed lights use less power than traditional HID lighting, have a fully customizable spectrum, and a built in timer.

This comes with hangers, and a handy remote that allows you to control spectrum, program presets and control the timers.

KINDLeds are a proven performer having won High Times 2014 LED of The Year award as well as being selected as the 2014, 2015, and 2016 Gear of The Year Winner.



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