Hemp Harvester - Equipment and Supplies For Commercial Farms

Hemp harvesters are the quickest way to get through acres of hemp quickly. Hemp trimming machines and bucking machines work great, but you need an efficient way to get your plants out of the ground, notched, and loaded to dry.

Hemp Harvester - Equipment and Supplies For Commercial Farms

A hemp harvester is the quickest way to get through acres of hemp quickly. Hemp trimming machines and bucking machines are great for starting the process. But, you need an efficient way to get your plants out of the ground, notched, and loaded to dry. That's where machines like the ones from Triminator come in.

Triminator Kirpy CBD Hemp Harvester

Triminator Hemp Harvester

Triminator is an industry leader in harvest equipment, and is best known for their trimming machines, buckers, and rosin presses. Many hemp farmers harvest their plants using the Buckmaster, and then trim their hemp flower with one of the Triminator trimming machines.

Now, Triminator has released the Kirpy CBD Hemp Harvester. This beast of a machine is a hemp farmers best friend. It can efficiently harvest a 5 acre hemp farm in under a day! What’s truly remarkable about the Kirpy is it works at this rate while keeping plants off the ground, maintaining their structure. 

The Triminator hemp harvester is designed from a tobacco harvester. Triminator tested the tobacco harvester rigorously to determine the best way to engineer one for the hemp plant. The result of all this research and development was a hemp harvester that can’t be beat in terms of reliability, speed, and quality.

Features of the Triminator Kirpy CBD Hemp Harvester

Triminator Kirpy CBD Hemp Machine

The Kirpy Hemp Harvester can work through stalk diameters up to 3” and plants that are 6’5”. You can quickly load a trailer or truck next to the Kirpy to increase efficiency.

It features a total working width of 12’, and has over 3’ of adjustable height. The Kirpy hemp harvester can be attached to most tractors with a PTO drive and 40 HP. You can drastically improve your process whether your plot is flat or sloping.

One of the best features of this machine is that it automatically notches stalks, allowing for quick hanging and rapid drying. This leads to a seamless transition between harvesting and drying.

Triminator Hemp Dryers

Triminator offers farmers more than just a hemp harvester. They also have two different hemp dryers - The belt drying system and the box dryer. These awesome pieces of equipment solve one of the hemp industry's biggest problems - quickly drying huge hemp crops.

The Box Hemp Dryer

Hemp Dryer

The Triminator Box Hemp Dryer provides a fast, efficient, and completely automated solution for mass drying CBD hemp flowers and biomass.

This innovative drying chamber is designed for low operating costs and maximum efficiency. It also dries in a manner which preserves terpenes to the fullest extent, a tough task when drying hemp at scale. 

The Box Hemp Dryer implements the reverse Carnot principle, which leverages airflow, a closed chamber and heat pumps. It works in conjunction with a programmable control system to create the most efficient drying curves, and a consistent end product, something all hemp farmers should strive for.

Intelligent Airflow

The Box Hemp Dryer features intelligent airflow, eliminating human error. There are multiple sets of axial flow fans, air ducts, cold air inlets and a dehumidification system. The computer control system monitors the relative humidity within the drying chamber. 

Based on this, it regulates a combination of supplementary air, dehumidification, and the heat pump to complete the most efficient drying curve.

Simple, Automated Control

The Box Hemp Dryer uses a proprietary system to manage temperature, humidity, and equipment. The controls work seamlessly to adjust as needed to intelligently control the hemp drying process from start to finish.

Food Grade Construction

With regulations in mind, Triminator designed the Box Hemp Dryer with integrated structural foam. Food grade plastic comprises the interior walls. The Box Hemp Dryer allows you to remain compliant and meet food-grade standards and requirements.

The Triminator Box Hemp Dryer is capable of drying up to 1,600 pounds a day, with a complete drying time of 20-24 hours. While this is an awesome hemp drying solution for certain farms, the Belt Hemp Dryer may be a better option for larger farms.

The Belt Hemp Dryer

Triminator Belt Hemp Dryer

The belt dryer offers rapid drying of hemp crops, utilizing heat and air. It efficiently dries both hemp leaves and flowers. The crop is placed on the conveyor with a multi-layer belt system, and brought through the drying chamber.

Low operating costs

The Triminator Belt Hemp Dryer implements a proprietary heat recapture system to lower operating costs. It recycles 80% of the heat in the hemp dryer, which can lead to cost savings of 30% compared to similar sized hemp dryers. Furthermore, this system is available in energy-efficient natural gas or electric heaters. You can choose based on what your facility requires.

The closed-loop system features a filtration chamber, which captures any material blown out of the drying chamber. This leads to the preservation of material for downstream use.

Mass hemp drying

The Belt Hemp Dryer is capable of drying over 1,000 pounds an hour. It is a fast, industrial-scale solution to commercial hemp harvesting. The approximate drying time is 4-5 hours from start to finish. The drying process is continuous.

This means drying time starts the second the material enters the belt wet and exits dry. You’ll put in the crop at a moisture content around 80%, and it will exit at around 10-13%. The machine reaches temperatures between 104-194 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hemp Drying Machine

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