Harvest Supplies Made Easy

With harvest season coming up make sure you have all the tools and supplies on hand to easily get the job done without breaking your back or the bank. Take the pain out of harvesting.

Harvest Supplies Made Easy

With outdoor harvest season coming up and indoor harvest occurring year round, make sure you have all the tools and supplies on hand to easily get the job done without breaking your back or the bank. The right harvesting equipment can keep your product fresher longer, maintain quality, and preserve flavors while not harvesting correctly will do the opposite. You've put a lot of work into growing your garden, let us take the work out of harvesting.


Drying Rack

Drying Racks

Drying racks are a fast way to dry herbs and flowers fast. Many are lightweight, collapsible, and feature a sturdy wire frame construction to hold their shape while in use. Made with breathable mesh, they allow excellent airflow throughout to wick moisture away. When you are finished, simply collapse them down into their cases for carefree storage when not in use. Velcro straps allow for quick and easy hanging from grow tents or closets.




Scissors and Pruners


Shears and Scissors are an invaluable tool for trimming and cloning. Shears are used to cut larger branches and save scissors for precise pruning of smaller leaves and buds. Nothing beats a sharp pair that easily cut through twigs and stems. A motion spring can save you a tremendous amount of hand fatigue while making trimming faster and easier. Keep your tools clean with Roots Organics Sap Off Soap in order to prevent contamination of your product and for improved cloning results. Don’t forget about trim trays to keep everything organized and tidy as well as collecting pollen that drops during harvest.




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Vacuum Seal Bag

Storage Supplies

Maintaining proper humidity is critical for achieving a great curing process. Once you’ve gotten your product trimmed and dried it’s time to store it. Vacuum sealers make an excellent choice to keep air out and seal against contamination. Mason Jars are another great way to store product and easily and access it over and over again. Humidity packs are a perfect way to maintain a set level of humidity over time much like a humidor would. Product should be stored in a cool dark place for optimal results.






Complete Harvest Package

Complete Harvest Packages

Save yourself the headache with a complete drying and curing tent package from Hydrobuilder. They come in sizes from 2’ x 2’ all the way up to 8’ x 8’ with everything you need to dry and cure from start to finish. For a rigid container, check out Super Closet’s SupHerb Dryer with locking handles. A separate drying and/or curing tent is great since you can precisely control humidity, odor, and temperature that might be harder to control otherwise. Tents can be used for growing when not used for harvest. It also keeps this process separate from other work areas, allowing the drying and curing to go undisturbed.





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