Prevention Strategies

  • Stratiolaelaps Scimitus: The Soil Mite Predator

    If you are dealing with fungus gnat or thrip infestation, the Stratiolaelaps Scimitus might be your solution. 

    Read our blog below to get more information about these beneficial mites, how they can help your pest issues, and how to purchase and use them in your garden.

    What is the Stratiolaelaps Scimitus

    The predatory mite Stratiolaelaps Scimitus, also known as Hypoaspis miles, is been widely used as a biological control agent to control fungus gnats and thrips. 

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  • Russet Mites: Everything You Need to Know

    Russet mites, or russet mite aculops, are microscopic pests that can wreak havoc on various plants.  They can cause significant damage to crops such as tomatoes and hemp. Despite their small size, these mites can have a big impact on plant health, leading to stunted growth, reduced yield, and sometimes even death. 

    Lets delve into the world of these mites by learning their characteristics. We will go over the damage they inflict on host plants. Also, how farmers can effectively manage and control infested areas.

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  • Palmetto Bugs: Strategies for Managing Pests in Your Garden

    Palmetto bugs, often mistakenly referred to as cockroaches, are a common nuisance in many gardens. These resilient insects thrive in warm and humid environments, making gardens an ideal habitat. Lets look into the world of palmetto bugs and distinguish them from true cockroaches.  Lets explore their size and habits, and discuss effective strategies to keep these pests at bay.

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