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  • The Most Common Grow Room Pests And Diseases

    Insects and mites can really put a damper on your grow. Learn how to defeat each of these and what you can do to prevent them.

  • Grow Tents vs Grow Cabinets

    If you’re considering whether to set up a grow tent or a grow cabinet, there are multiple considerations to take into account. Find out what you're missing!

  • Grow Light Reflector Cords and Sockets

    There are two main types of reflector cord socket types used on HID lighting fixtures, "standard" and the proprietary "Hydrofarm" type.

  • How to Install a Double-Ended HID Bulb

    Unlike standard "mogul" based bulbs, Double-Ended bulbs do not simply screw into a socket. Instead they, are installed into brackets that must be fully closed after inserting the bulb. It's VERY IMPORTANT to do this process correctly or a dangerous fire hazard could result.

  • Growlink Automated Controllers Review

    Formerly known as Hydropods, Growlink is taking the automation industry by storm! With some of the most advanced environment controlling devices on the market, its no surprise this brand is so popular.

    Automate, Monitor, Control, and Analyze your grow room from your phone

    The Growlink Controllers and App gives you remote access to monitor sensor data in real time and control any connected devices through your phone or computer.

    Gone are the days of running wires all over your grow room and manually taking measurements through various devices.

    You can now easily set up a rule based system including sensor triggers, timers, and schedules to automate the grow process.

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  • How Many Plants Can I Grow?

    The total number of plants you can grow is determined by a number of factors: available grow space, available power sources, and State and Local regulations.

  • Indoor Grow Room & Grow Tent Ventilation Setup Tips

    Proper grow tent ventilation is essential to healthy plant growth, and proper filtration is equally essential to clean the air and remove all odors.

    You should be replacing the air in your grow space at least every 5 minutes when the lights are on, and even quicker if your environment is struggling to combat heat or humidity.

    On top of this, it is important to circulate the air within your tent. This will keep temperatures and odors down, strengthen plants, and more.

    When it comes to indoor growing, its so important that you control your environment. A good ventilation system is necessary to make this happen.

    We are going to share some useful tips for improving your ventilation and circulation within your grow room or tent. But first, let's start with the basics.

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  • Air Stones vs Air Diffusers

    A quick look at the difference between Air Stones and Air Diffusion Rings for use in hydroponic systems and reservoirs.

  • Grow Media: Clay Pebbles Vs Grow Stones

    A quick comparison of Clay Pebbles and Grow Stones as grow media for use in hydroponic gardens.

  • Review of the KindLED K5 Series LED Grow Lights

    A quick look at the K5 Series from KIND LED offering some great features including adjustable spectrum control.

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