King Electric KTENT Tent Heater with High/Low Switch

King Electric KTENT Tent Heater with High/Low Switch


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King Electric Brand Product
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Small tent heaters are discreet and deliver heat directly where you need it

For restaurants in today’s environment, the easiest way to recapture lost business is to expand outdoor dining to accommodate more guests.

In the winter months, colder climates can pose a challenge for these restaurants, and enclosed party tents with electric heat is the best solution. Often overlooked, KTENT small tent heaters are discreet and deliver heat directly where you need it. Cost-effective heating in a compact package. With a unique design that sits just outside of the tent, the exhaust outlet then slips under the edge of the tent to gently exhaust the heated air into the space.

With its narrow 3-1/2" profile the KTENT, tent heater easily fits out of the way providing warm air for restaurant and party tents.

Features & Benefits

  • Tent Transition Collar Slips Directly Under Tent
  • Discreet Design Won’t Be Seen By Customers
  • Used To Heat Up Covid-19 Tent Stations
  • High Low Switch To Select Full or Half Wattage
  • Open Coil NiChrome 80/20 Elements For Quick Heat Transfer
  • Built-In Thermostat (40°-100°F)
  • Twists The Air to Maximize Velocity
  • Multiple Wattage Options, to Tailor to a Tent’s Specific Heating Requirements
  • Quiet Squirrel Cage Blower Design
  • Patented Smart Limit Protection
  • Proudly Made in the USA with U.S. & Global Materials
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

Engineering Specs


Heaters shall be available in wattages of 750 / 1,500 at 120 volts or 1500 / 3000W for dual-rated models 208 volts to 240 volts.

Blower and Motor

A tangential cylindrical blower, delivering 70 CFM, shall be driven by a shaded pole, permanently lubricated, C-frame type motor with impedance protection and sealed bearings. Motors shall be the same voltage as the heater.


Element assemblies shall have a 3-wattage element construction of coiled nickel-chromium, alloy corrosion-resistant wire strung with a minimum of two rows of muscovite insulator. Element assemblies shall have factory-provided connection to allow field modification of wattage at the time of installation.

Thermal Overload

Heaters shall be equipped with King’s patented thermal overload Smart Limit Protection®, which disconnects elements and motor in the event normal operating temperatures are exceeded. If thermal overload trips due to abnormal operating temperatures, thermal overload shall remain open until manually reset by turning the heater off for fifteen minutes. Automatic reset of thermal overloads, which allow the element to continue to cycle under abnormal conditions, will not be accepted.

Hi/Lo selector switch

120V Models: 750 watts in the low position and 1500 watts in the hi position. 208/240V Models: 120V Models: 1500 watts in the low position and 3000 watts in the hi position.

Wall Can

The wall can be 20-gauge steel and shall contain two 1/2” knockouts for power leads. The wall can be supplied with a factory-installed grounding wire.


The grill is a louvered, one-piece design. The grill shall be epoxy powder coated in the color specified on the plans or stainless steel.


cULus (E41422)

Tech Specs