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Jaz Rose Spray Extra Concentrate

Item #: JRSEC

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Use JAZ Rose Spray on all types of plants to boost resin production, reduce leaf yellowing and increase stress tolerance. JAZ products contain methyl dihydrojasmonate (MDHJ), a unique member of the jasmonate family of molecules that are naturally found in plants.

MDHJ has superior commercial properties. The use of MDHJ results in greater overall plant health with increased tolerance to stressors including heat, disease, salt, and too much or too little water. When treated with MDHJ, plants increase production of trichomes, antioxidants, proteins, phenolics, vitamins and other defenses that protect against stress and reduce yellowing. Promotes vigorous plants.

  • Promotes resin production
  • Reduces leaf senescence (yellowing)
  • Increases stress tolerance
  • Easy-to-use, safe and effective
  • Eco-friendly

How to Use JAZ Rose Spray:
Apply JAZ Rose Spray to leaves every 7-14 days during vegetative growth. Additionally, apply JAZ-Rose Spray to give your plants an extra boost before or at the first signs of environmental stress.

16-oz size: Dilute at 2-3 Tbsp per quart of water.
32-oz size: Dilute at 1 Tbsp per gallon of water.

*32-oz size is extra-concentrated!

Customer Testimonials:

"You know those slim fast commercials where they showed the before and after? Well, if my plants were people the after shots would make even Halle Berry jealous."

"...more blooms, larger blooms, less pests, I love Jaz, it was the only thing that worked and I have tried a lot of brands."

"Greater performance through extreme heat. You notice a big difference. Great product!"

"Increase in resin production started almost immediately."

"Within 24 hours, I could visibly see a major difference in the quality of my flower buds. From smell to looks, it kicked everything up several notches. I wouldn't garden without this product ever again."

JAZ Plant-Strengthener available in all states except: California, Colorado, Idaho, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oregon, and New Mexico. Not available in your state? Please check back soon as the product is currently in the registration process in these states.


Brand Jaz
CSA Listed No
ETL Listed No
UL Listed No
Nutrient Application Plant Specific Nutrient
Nutrient Type Organic Based
OMRI Certified No
Nutrient Material Type Liquid

Jaz Rose Spray Extra Concentrate Questions & Answers

1. When should I apply JAZ products?

Jaz products work best to protect plants from growing stresses when applied early in the season before drought, heat and pests arrive. The manufacturer recommends applying Jaz in the spring once plants have fully leafed out. JAZ products are also effective when applied at the first signs of stress.

2. Can I combine JAZ products with other fertilizers and pesticides?

We recommend applying JAZ products separately from fertilizers and pesticides. Wait a day or two between treatments of different products on sensitive plants.

3. What is a plant-strengthener?

JAZ products are not fertilizers or pesticides. Rather, they fall in the plant-strengthener category. As the name implies, plant-strengtheners strengthen plants' own, natural ability to thrive in spite of common growing stresses such as too little or too much water, disease and pest attack and temperature extremes. Plants have developed effective ways to protect themselves during stress. Some of these ways include production of antioxidants, phenolics, vitamin C, essential oils and cell wall components. JAZ products contain the eco-friendly and natural plant-strengthener, jasmonate (originally derived from the jasmine plant) to help plants bolster these protective defenses so they are increasingly resilient from stress.

Jasmonates and other plant-strengtheners have been well studied and proven in Universities around the world. Discovering their power in helping gardeners and growers achieve healthier plants continues to be an active area of research.

What results should I see when I apply JAZ products?

JAZ products help gardeners get the most from their plants. Applying JAZ products will help plants suffer less damage and/or improve recovery from stresses. Watch for reduced leaf yellowing. Not only is leaf yellowing unsightly, its presence is a common sign that plants are stressed. You may also see reduced wilting under extreme heat conditions when it is difficult to keep plants watered. Watch for reduced seedling and plant death resulting from plants drying out. Achieve greater thrift, blooming and performance in spite of diseases, pests and drought.

5. What are JAZ products not?

JAZ products are not fertilizers that provide nutrients to your plant. Thus, you need to continue to apply fertilizers as you normally do. JAZ products are also not fungicides or pesticides. While JAZ products can reduce the need for these products by making plants more tolerant and resilient from pests and diseases, don't expect JAZ products to kill whatever is attacking your plant(s).

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