Iluminar 1000 Watt Double Ended Grow Light

Iluminar 1000 Watt Double Ended Grow Light

Iluminar Brand Product
$325.00 - $519.30

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Professional Grade DE Horticultural Lights

The Iluminar 1000W Double Ended horticultural light is part of the Commercial Series with the most sophisticated agricultural technology on the market designed by veterans in the lighting industry.

ILUMINAR’S 1000W DE-HPS/MH commercial fixture is a feature rich Double-Ended High Pressure Sodium all-in-one unit. Designed with a low shadow footprint for commercial reliability, the ILUMINAR DE-HPS/MH 1000W unit stands toe-to-toe with any comparable fixture on the market with all the features you’d expect.

The ILUMINAR 1000W DE is part of the Commercial Series, that offers the most sophisticated technology in the market.

It powers the lamp inclusion of your choice; Hortilux and ILUMINAR. Both have the highest available PAR light output and increased spectrum with use. Integrated the first of its kind, single-handed “roll-lock” socket that means- simple lamp installation. Delivering ultimate light output, superior uniformity and deeper canopy penetration.

NOTE: The Iluminar 1000 Watt DE Grow Light comes in 3 voltages and 3 different bulb options:

  • 120/240 Volt
  • 277 Volt
  • 347 Volt

Come with your choice of Iluminar 1000 Watt HPS Bulb , Hortilux 1000 Watt HPS Bulb , or No Bulb

1000 Watt DE Grow Light

Features of the 1000W DE Grow Light

  • Microprocessor Driven
  • End of Lamp Life (EOL)
  • Open Circuit Protection
  • Ignition Failure Protection
  • Thermal Sensing Protection
  • Max humidity 95%
  • Max Allowable Case Temp 75 °C / 167 °F
  • Ambient Temp : -20 -40 °C / -4 -10 °F
  • ETL Listed & FCC Declaration of Conformity

The ILUMINAR HPS DE commercial horticultural light is an all-in-one unit, double-ended High Pressure Sodium (HPS), engineered with a low shadow footprint for commercial reliability.

Dimmable High Frequency

Dimmable High Frequency

0-10V Controllable

0-10V Controllable

German Aluminum Reflector

German Aluminum Reflector

Roll Lock Single-Handed Lamp Installation

At ILUMINAR we’ve developed a revolutionary, single-handed “roll lock” socket for our Vertical and Double-Ended horticultural Light fixtures - that means simple, one-handed lamp installation. No more dropped bulbs!

With an all-new, proprietary single-handed ILUMINAR “roll-lock” socket for easy lamp changing, the 1000W DE delivers the ultimate light output, superior uniformity and deeper canopy penetration.

Included Iluminar or Hortilux Double Ended HPS Bulb

Now with ILUMINAR DE fixtures, you can choose to power a Hortilux lamp or the ILUMINAR DE lamp. Both HPS or MH bulbs deliver the highest available PAR light output and tuned spectrum to deliver the results that you require in today's quality driven market.


DE HPS Bulb Spectrum

Surpass the competition with an amazing 2100+ μmol/s and an enhanced PAR maintenance over its 10,000-hour lifetime (>95%). This DE HPS horticultural light will beat any other manufacturer out there for a fraction of the price.


DE HPS Bulb Hortilux Spectrum

The Hortilux DE HPS grow lamps are regularly utilized by commercial cultivators with vast spaces and high roofs. DE HPS horticultural lights create higher powers of light because of the design, development and inner weights of the circular segment tube (light producing source).

Also available are 1000 Watt MH Bulbs

The ILUMINAR DE Metal Halide delivers the latest in grow lamp technology to greenhouse lighting. Our double ended lamps have less than 5% degradation and significantly increased PAR light production compared to single-ended lamps, without consuming more energy.

DE MH Bulb 2000K
DE MH Bulb 4000K
DE MH Bulb 6000K
DE MH Bulb 10000K

Optional Reflectors for 600/750W & 1000W DE Fixtures

Deep Reflector

The ILUMINAR Deep reflector allows the fixture to be further from the top of the canopy and focus more essential PAR light to the plants.

Designed for High Ceilings with a narrow focused pattern of light around the 8’ to 10’ area.

Designed to penetrate 10’ above canopy

Wide Reflector

The ILUMINAR Wide Reflector allows fixtures to be mounted closer to the top of the canopy and is designed for lower ceilings.

The reflector was designed for low clearance environments with a wider light pattern of 36” to 48” spread over the garden.

Clearance to plant canopy below 5’

Hash Light Controller & Environmental Sensor

Securely control your grow room from your smart phone using the new HASH Controller . The HASH Controller allows you to monitor and view in realtime the VPD, temperature, CO2, PAR, humidity, and more throughout the growth cycle. Retrieve that information at the touch of a button from your smartphone or device. Control LED, CMH, HPS, MH, and T5s.

Wifi connected Environmental Sensor connects directly to and works with the Iluminar HASH Lighting Controller to deliver real-time data logging directly to a smartphone or device, no PC is required. Control and view various points of data from an unlimited number of devices with additional Relay Power Cords. Expand to multiple facilities, rooms, and zones with additional environmental sensors. Connect the Iluminar Hash Lighting Controller for high accuracy monitoring and full control of connected devices.

When using the HASH Controller alongside the ILUMINAR Environment Sensor, you can...

  • Link to an unlimited amount of Environmental Sensors
  • Easy to Use: Add a new sensor in seconds
  • Backed by the Iluminar 1 year warranty
  • Conrol HPS, MH, CMH, T5, & LED fixtures all on one channel
  • Analyze & view real-time data logging information right on your phone
  • Data secured by military-grade web protocols with high security encryption
  • Contol an unlimted amount of rooms from one application
  • Communicates directly with the industry's most popular brands
Iluminar HASH Controller and Environmental Sensor

Iluminar 1000 Watt Double Ended Grow Light Reviews

Perfect for the plants
Iluminar is a great lighting company – been using them for years very happy with results. Just ordered the 1000w DE and to say I’m excited would be an understatement!

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