Replacement Sediment Filters

If you are looking for a replacement sediment filter, you have come to the right place! Here at Hydrobuilder, we carry a wide range of replacement filters for all types of water filter . You'll find the top brands at the lowest prices, including favorites like Ideal H20, Hydro Logic, GrowoniX, and more!

What is a sediment filter?

A sediment filter is responsible for removing the solids from your water source before it passes onto the RO process. Think of this stage of filtration as a net, catching any unwanted dirt particles that flow through your system.

When should I replacement my sediment filter?

We can't say with much certainty when you'll need to replace your sediment filter. What it really comes down to is your feed source, and how contaminated it is. To take it a step further, how hard are you making your filter work?

If you are filtering 100+ gallons a day from a pretty contaminated feed source, you'll need to replace your filter much sooner than someone with a relatively clean water source only filtering 20 gallons a day.

Which replacement sediment filter is right for me?

To make sure you are getting the right sediment filter, you should head over to your water filter's product page and read the specs for which filter is currently in it. You definitely want to stick with the same brand to make sure it fits and works right.

If you aren't sure, give our experts a call at 888-815-9763 and we'll help you through it.


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