Duralastics Water Reservoirs - Black

Duralastics Water Reservoirs - Black


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Duralastics Brand Product
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Duralastics Reservoirs

Made of black 100% recycled ABS plastic or white 80% recycled ABS plastic with virgin ABS cap on each side. Made to last at 0.160 in gauge thickness. Manufactured in the USA.

Easy-to-clean design allows the grower to clean their reservoirs without the hassle of scrubbing sharp corners to remove build up. Built-in water level indicators to easily identify the fill level in the reservoirs. Lids are not available for DuralasticsĀ® Reservoirs.

CapacityDimensions (full)Weight
75 Gallon47"L x 47"W x 13.75"H20 lbs.
100 Gallon48.5"L x 48.5"W x 15"H23.9 lbs.
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