Hydroponic Grow Tray Lids & Domes

What are grow tray lids and domes?

Hydroponic grow tray lids and humidity domes are responsible for maintaining humidity levels in a hydro system, especially early on.

The optimal humidity level for plants ranges while they are in different stages. For example, during propagation humidity should be 65-75%. Once the plant begins vegging, growers can lower humidity levels to 40-70%. When the plant is ready to flower, humidity needs to be within 40-50%.

Maintaining proper humidity in your hydroponic system is an essential task for all indoor growers. If moisture levels fall too low, plants will be unable to undergo photosynthesis effectively, and growth will slow. Hydroponic grow tray lids and domes allow growers to raise the humidity in the hydroponic system easily. Most humidity domes contain multiple slots that can be opened or close to even further dial in the humidity range.

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