Botanicare 3' X 3' Hydroponic Drip System Flood Table Kit

Botanicare 3' X 3' Hydroponic Drip System Flood Table Kit


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This Botanicare 3' X 3' Drip System Kit contains all the components needed to grow 6 medium sized plants (3 gallon containers) from veg through flower.

The Botanicare 3' X 3' Drip System Kit will deliver the perfect amount of water, oxygen and nutrients to your plants for extreme growth.

With a drip hydroponic system, due to its localized application, fertilizer and nutrient loss is minimized, soil erosion is reduced, water distribution is uniform, and foliage remains dry, reducing the risk of disease. These are some of the many benefits of growing with drip system hydroponics.

Included Products:
  • Botanicare ID White 3ft x 3ft Grow Tray
  • Botanicare 40 Gallon Premium Reservoir (Lid Not Included)
  • Botanicare 40 Gallon Premium Reservoir Lid
  • OPTIONAL - Fast Fit Tray Stand, 3ft x 3ft
  • EcoPlus Adjustable Flow Water Pump, 291 GPH
  • 7-Day Grounded Digital Programmable Timer
  • Hydro Drip Kit for up to 6 Plants
  • (6x) Gro Pro Essential Round Fabric Pot with Handles, 5 Gallon - Tan
  • (2x) GROW!T Clay Pebbles, 4 mm-16 mm, 40 L

Product Details:

Botanicare ID White 3ft x 3ft Grow Tray

Botanicare’s® redesigned white premium ID trays offer professional hydroponic gardens with superior quality and performance. The ID trays now include a 7.375” deep sidewall* that accommodates larger root masses, taller pots, and deeper saturation. Rounded, wider, drainage channels simplify cleaning while newly engineered corner gussets allow for greater support. The ID trays maintain Botanicare’s® standard true, inside dimensions for maximum growth space. Made from recycled and recyclable ABS plastic. *measurement from the top of the drainage grid to top of the tray. Learn more about this grow tray here.

Botanicare 40 Gallon Reservoir, Lid & Porthole Cover

Designed for excellent performance and easy maintenance, Botanicare's Premium Reservoirs are true capacity with exceptional durability. These reservoirs are a reincarnation of Botanicare's original reservoir offering with the benefits of our Low Profile reservoirs/Eazy Drain reservoirs. They include front and side bulkhead ports to accommodate an internal pump and allow multiple reservoirs to be joined inline or side-by-side. Botanicare's Premium reservoirs are made with BPA-free recyclable materials and include a virgin UV-resistant ABS cap that wraps the 70% recycled ABS core. Made in the USA using solar energy at Botanicare's own forming facility. Learn more here about this reservoir here.

Revolutionary toolless light & tray stands that assemble in minutes. Designed and engineered for the pieces to simply slide together. The simplicity makes it an easy to configure tray stand & light stand, the way you want it. Never mess with nuts, bolts, wrenches or screw drivers again with the Fast Fit! Fabricated and assembled in the USA. Learn more about this tray stand here.

Hydro Drip Kit with Pump and Timer

This Hydro Drip Kit is designed to simplify your irrigation set up for up to 6 plants on 3 ft x 3 ft grow trays. From the reservoir to the plant, this kit provides all the irrigation components required to set your garden. Hydro Drip Kits are compatible with all 3 ft x 3 ft grow trays. Trays purchased separately. Kit includes 10' 1/2" Tubing, 5' 3/4" Tubing, (6) 2' 1/4" Tubing, (6) Dripper Stake, (6) 2.0 GPH Internal Check Valve, 1/2" Inline Ball Valve, 1/2" Barbed Elbow, 1/8" Hose Punch, and (1x) 1/2" (13mm) bulkhead fitting, (1x) 3/4" (19mm) bulkhead fitting, (2x) extensions, and (2x) screens.

Grow Media & Containers

This kit comes standard with (6x) Gro Pro Essential Round Fabric Pot with Handles, and enough GROW!T Clay Pebbles to fill the pots.

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