Sweetwater Blower's S Series Blower

Sweetwater Blower's S Series Blower


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Sweetwater Blower's Brand Product
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The Sweetwater regenerative blowers reach higher pressures, operate in more corrosive environments and operate at lower noise levels than industry standard commercial blowers. They are inexpensive to operate, and the air they deliver is oil-free. They are extremely energy-efficient and quiet.

Sweetwater blowers are simple. And simplicity means reliability. They have only one moving part: a dynamically balanced impeller that is attached directly to the motor shaft. The rotating impeller doesn't touch a thing, so there's no wear, no vibration, no seals and no lubrication. Just wash the inlet air filters as needed and replace the motor bearings after three years of continuous operation.

All Sweetwater® blowers come with internal mufflers and low- restriction, washable inlet filters as standard equipment. Outlet flex hoses, which simplify installation, are also standard equipment. The Sweetwater® blower's electric motor is a high-efficiency type motor that will run cool and handle a wide range of power variations so often found in rural locations. All models will operate on both 50 and 60 cycle (Hz).

Automatic thermal overload protection is standard. Should a power brownout occur and trip the motor, the Sweetwater® blower will restart automatically after cooling. Motors are completely enclosed and fan cooled for the highest reliability in a humid grow environment. Each blower is assembled with anti-seize compound, performance tested prior to shipment and guaranteed for three years! All are UL-listed, CSA-certified and CE-compliant.

Model Specifications:

Sweetwater Blower's | 1/3 HP
CFM:27 CFM Free Air at 20" Water Depth
Outlet Hose Pipe Size:1"

Sweetwater Blower's | 1/2 HP
CFM:34 CFM Free Air at 20" Water Depth
Outlet Hose Pipe Size:1.5"

Sweetwater Blower's | 1 HP
CFM:70 CFM Free Air at 20" Water Depth
Outlet Hose Pipe Size:1.5"

Sweetwater Blower's | 1-1/2 HP
CFM:110 CFM Free Air at 20" Water Depth
Outlet Hose Pipe Size:2"

Please Note:

**High altitude will affect blower performance. Deduct 4% of volume and pressure for every 1,000' (300 m) above sea level. The 3,450-rpm motors used on these regenerative blowers require about ten seconds to reach full speed. Use starting watts to size generators and use full load amps to size breakers.

Tech Specs

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