Hydrodynamics International Root Riot Plugs

Hydrodynamics International Root Riot Plugs


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Root Riot Root Cubes SDS

Root Riot Root Cubes Product Label

The Root Riot Cubes are the ultimate propagation media for starting seeds and clones efficiently. These create the ideal conditions for rapid rooting, formulated with premium Canadian peat moss. They are pH balanced for trouble-free growing, and are suitable for both seed starting and cloning . This pack of Hydrodynamics International Root Riot Cubes consistently outperform traditional grow media, creating the perfect rooting environment with the ideal air/moisture ratio.

How To Use Root Riot Cubes Bag Of 100

Because these Root Riot Cubes come already moist, you don't need to pre-soak them too much. But if you feel like they have become dry during storage or shipping, stick them in a bowl of warm water to rehydrate them and prepare for planting.

They should be spongy and moist, but not soaked, as this increases the chance of mildew, mold, or simply drowning your seeds. Keep your unused cubes room temperature and sealed in their bag to prevent drying and degradation of the media.

If you are starting seeds, simply place your seed into the center of your Root Riot Cube. then, place the cube in your propagation tray and wait until germination. If you are starting clones, start by taking your cutting, then dip it in your rooting gel, and stick it in your Root Riot Cube. Don't jam it in too far, as this can damage the delicate cut end. Just get it in enough to support it.

Root Riot Root Cubes
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