Hydro Logic Eco-Spring Home Water Purifier RO

Hydro Logic Eco-Spring Home Water Purifier RO

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    Pure Spring Water Produced At Home!

    Simple yearly replacement of main 4 stage cartridge and post filter—no complicated replacement schedule for multiple filters.

    No mess no spill maintenance due to sealed cartridges. No tools required!

    System Includes:
    • Eco-Spring Four-Stage Replacement Filter
    • Eco-Spring Post-Remineralization Replacement Carbon Filter
    • Eco-Spring Faucet (air-gap)

    • 30% faster flow rate from included faucet
    • Fast tank refills ensures plenty of water on tap at all times
    • Compact footprint for tight spaces inside cabinetry
    • Innovative Reverse Osmosis membrane allows 40%+ savings in drain water
    • Remineralization post filter adds calcium for taste health benefits and to alkalize the product water
    • Single 4 stage main cartridge to change instead of multiple cartridges

    • TDS Rejection 96.5%
    • Production: 50 GPD
    • Recovery: 30.07%
    • Brine to Product: 3.25:1
    • Dimensions (W x D x H): 9.72" x 13.75" x 15.38"
    • Weight: 11 lbs
    Tech Specs


    BrandHydro Logic
    Weight (lb.)14
    Height (in.)14.25
    Width (in.)11
    Length (in.)18
    Lead TimeThis product ships in 2 Weeks
    Prop 65No

    Hydro Logic Eco-Spring Home Water Purifier RO Reviews

    Works great with little amount of intall
    The Price is really the main point making it a 6 stage for the cost of most 3 stage other ones on the market. The tank is kind of small so i cant get to much water out of it, It did leak in 2 places both of witch i had nothing to do with. One was a y piece between the tank and a filter and the other was through the purge hole. The purge hole still leaks if you use it to much in a hour but if the seal is right it leaks into the sink. The other one might have been caused from shipping. Just had to clean up the y and the line and it stopped.