Hydro Innovations 8" Ice Box Heat Exchanger

Hydro Innovations 8" Ice Box Heat Exchanger

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The Ice Box is a water-cooled heat exchanger that can be used to cool the hot air generated by your lights. With this system, you can do away with your in & out ducting and keep everything but the water chiller inside the garden!

There are several great advantages to sealing your room including superior CO2 efficiency (by keeping your CO2 in), reduced opportunities for pests or disease to reach your plants and easier odor control.
With the Ice Box, you can get & keep absolute control of your garden temperatures and not be at the mercy of the climate outdoors. It can be used simply for controlling the heat from your lights or for replacing your air conditioner altogether. Either way, you will see a significant drop in your cooling energy requirements.

  • Eliminates the heat from a 1000 watt lamp.
  • Engineered for maximum efficiency.
  • Designed for a sealed environment which keeps CO2 in and pests & pathogens out.
  • Can eliminate the need for air conditioning.
  • Can be connected directly to the reflector or wall mounted.
  • Warranty included.

To use the Ice Box Heat Exchanger efficiently:
You will need a high quality chiller (appropriately sized for your application), a 30-50 gallon reservoir, a properly sized pump, Ice Boxes for each of your reflectors, quality tubing and miscellaneous plumbing parts.

  • For proper function the Ice Box must be installed on the exiting air duct flange, not the incoming air!
  • Air-cooled reflector and inline fan with approximately 250 CFM for maximum efficiency
  • Reflectors can be daisy chained using one fan as long as each reflector gets a minimum airflow of 250 CFM
  • Pump sized at 300-500 GPH with 8-10 feet of lift/head pressure
  • Chiller size per 1000 watts: 1/4HP Minimum, 1/3HP Optimal
  • With properly sized chiller, reservoir size of 25 gallons is sufficient for almost any set up
  • For optimal performance use one IceBox per reflector
  • Designed to use with 1/2" tubing
  • *Recommendations Only*
Tech Specs


BrandHydro Innovations
Weight (lb.)5
Lead TimeDue to social distancing requirements, this item ships in 2 weeks
Prop 65No
Length (in.)14
Width (in.)12
Height (in.)11.9
UL ListedNo
Duct Size8" Diameter

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Product Q&A

Hydro Innovations 8" Ice Box Heat Exchanger Questions & Answers

Is water-cooling actually more effective and efficient than air-cooling?

Yes, and here is the science to prove it: Water has a thermal conductivity of 0.6 W/ (m*K) which is much higher than the thermal conductivity of air which is only 0.03 W/(m*K). Water also has a much higher specific heat capacity than air. What that means is water can absorb and remove from your garden 4 times the heat nearly 20 times faster than air! Air is only cooled with electricity whereas water can be cooled in dozens of ways with little or no energy. Furthermore, only 30% of the energy used in air conditioning is converted into usable cooling power, the rest is wasted. In addition to cooling the heat from lights, if the water running through the Ice Box is cold enough, it can actually add supplemental air conditioning to your room, making them great for every operation from hut to warehouse.

How does the Ice Box work?

The Ice Box is a safe and effective way to cool the air leaving your reflectors, without adding AC or more fans. Essentially, cold water is passed through the Ice Box, a fan blows the hot air from your high intensity bulbs through the Ice Box's chilled coils, with the resulting exiting air coming out cold.

Do I have to use RO water with Ice Boxes?

RO water is not necessary to use with the Ice Boxes.

Do you have to use a manifold for small Ice Box systems?

In very small and simple setups, you can daisy chain 2 units together because the water temperature will only have a small rise after the first Ice Box. For larger systems, it is recommended to use manifolds for water delivery to multiple Ice Boxes.

Do Ice Boxes add humidity to the room?

No, the Ice Box does not add humidity to the room because it is a sealed water system.

How do I mount the Ice Box to my reflector?

Use the self tapping screws with the Ice Box to firmly attach it to the reflector. (Do not depend on tape to hold it in place.)

Should I use 6" or 8" Ice Boxes? Which is better?

The 6" model has 36 square inches of surface area (6"x6") while the 8" has 64 square inches (8"x8"). The 8" Ice Box has almost double the cooling power due to higher heat exchange area than the 6".


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