Hydro Innovations 2 HP Chiller is no longer available

Hydro Innovations 2 HP Chiller is no longer available


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Availability: Discontinued

This product is no longer available, but we have so much more to show you!

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    Hydro Innovations Chillers: Innovative Products Designed To Provide Reliability & Efficiency, Help Cut Energy Costs and Make Your Business More Profitable & Competitive.

    About Hydro Innovations Chillers:
    The innovative distribution water manifold drastically reduces the normal manifold footprint and has been designed to fit in a cabinet 30(w) x 19(h) x 12(d). In most cases, up to ten pieces of equipment can be run on this manifold system.
    Units equipped with the stainless steel tank have the evaporator in tank. The unique design maximizes the refrigeration circuit and flows the water around the evaporator to attain maximum heat exchange.
    Chillers with stainless steel tanks feature high head, heavy duty water pumps in,"__ hp, 1 hp, or 1,"__ hp ratings. The systems can be wired single phase, three phase 208V and three phase 460V using nothing but UL approved components.
    The temperature control circuit is wired (24V, 120V, or 240V) using the dependable and versatile Ranco controller.
    Horizontal, Vertical and Remote chillers have Copeland compressors with a suction filter and liquid dryer, ensuring the best of components in the refrigeration circuit and many years of dependable service.

      Hydro Innovations Quality Control:
    • Ranco digital temperature controller
    • Filter/Dryer
    • Copper Hydro Innovations evaporator
    • Evaporator freeze protection
    • All welds and solder checked twice
    • Pre-Run tested and cataloged
    • Freeze tested evaporator for operational endurance
    • BTU load test with heated coolant circuit
    • Supervisor quality and procedure checked
      Hydro Innovations Facts:
    • Condensers are of the highest SEER ratings from 13 to 18 SEER.
    • Stainless steel tank means less maintenance, more durability, longer life.
    • Evaporator in tank means no freeze up compared to brazed plate and tube in tube.
    • Chillers consistently test higher than their rated BTU output
    • Reduce water consumption up to 100%. Reuses same water.
    • Documented water savings of up to $3000.00 per month.
    • Consistent temperature means no more adjusting pressure valves.
    • Water/Glycol mix stops corrosion and oxidation.
    • Increases life of your existing equipment.
    Tech Specs


    BrandHydro Innovations
    Weight (lb.)275
    Width (in.)32
    Height (in.)24
    Prop 65No
    Length (in.)33.5
    UL ListedNo
    Chiller HP Rating2 HP
    Product Q&A

    Hydro Innovations 2 HP Chiller Questions & Answers

    What is the rule of thumb for how much chiller power I need for the amount of lights I am running?

    Depending on what configuration you use, on average - 1/4HP per 1000W lights is the minimum amount of chiller power you need. This assumes that there is no other heat in the room. Better to oversize than undersize so you are not fighting to stay cool.

    Can I put my chiller inside my house or in a side room?

    Chillers are heat exchangers so, if your room has sufficient ventilation and can stay cool enough, then yes. However, putting a chiller in a garage that is 100 degrees on a hot day will make that garage 120 degrees when the chiller is on thus, it cannot get fresh air to effectively cool. It is recommended that you put the unit outside for maximum performance. Smaller chillers (-1/2HP) can be used indoors if needed.

    The chillers are large and would look out of place next to my house. Any suggestions?

    These chillers are actually converted AC units so, they are no different than having a large AC by the side of your house. However, if you are concerned, we offer the smaller units (up to 2HP) with window attachments for mounting in a window and all of the required parts are included.

    I noticed a setting on the chiller for temperature differential. What is this? Should I adjust it?

    The temperature differential on the chiller should not be adjusted unless a large reservoir is used. The differential on the chiller keeps it from cycling on and off too often which could wear out the unit. Keep in mind that a chiller uses the most power starting up so, if cycling on/off too often, it will increase the energy usage.

    Can I cycle on/off the water pump supplying the chiller?

    No. You should not have the water turn on and off to the chiller as it must have a constant water flow in order to work properly and not be damaged. If the chiller runs without water flowing through the coils, they can freeze and crack, ruining the chiller. However, if the water is disrupted to the chiller by pump failure, the chiller has a freeze protection sensor that will turn the chiller off before freezing if the water is not set below 55 degrees.

    Can I put the chiller on a timer to go off during the "lights off" cycle to save energy?

    It is recommended to leave the chiller and pump running 24 hours a day. The chiller and pump will last longer and will be more dependable if left running.

    I understand the recommended chiller to bulb ratio however, my room just is not cooling enough. Is something wrong?

    It is likely an issue of additional heat in the room. Ballasts, dehumidifiers and other heat sources can make the "rule of thumb" for chiller size inadequate. Increase heat exchange by using Ice Boxes and/or increase the airflow over the heat exchangers by adding fans. If this does not solve the problem then you must either remove the additional heat sources or get a bigger chiller.