Covert 8' X 8' Deluxe Harvest Drying Package with Odor Control and Extraction Kit

Covert 8' X 8' Deluxe Harvest Drying Package with Odor Control and Extraction Kit


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This Premium Harvest Kit Includes All The Components You Will Need To Harvest, Trim, Cure, Store & Extract Once Your Grow Is Complete

Now that you've put all that time and effort into your grow, the process of drying and curing begins!

If you don’t dry and cure properly, your harvest will be low quality, unenjoyable to consume, and can even be ruined from mold and rot. That is why we've put together this easy to use harvest kit to get you over the finish line. Check out our blog for our definitive guide on drying and curing here!

This kit also includes an extraction set so you can make your own concentrates, truly tasting the fruits of your labor. If you're new to making your own concentrates, we have several articles in our learning center going over the extraction process. Check them our here!

Included Products
  • Covert 8' x 8' Grow Tent
  • (4) 3' Adjustable Drying Rack
  • 6" Inline Exhaust Fan
  • 6" Carbon Exhaust Air Filter
  • (4) 6" Clip-On Air Circulation Fan
  • Variable Fan Speed Controller
  • Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer
  • 6" Flexible Air Ducting with Clamps, 25 ft
  • Harvest More TrimBin Set
  • (x2) Stainless Steel Garden Trimming Scissors
  • GreenBroz Resin Clear, 8 oz
  • (4) CVault 8 Liter Humidity Curing Storage Container
  • 5 Gallon, 5 Bag Extraction Set

Grow Tent

Covert 8' x 8' Grow Tent - these tents are the solution to growing on a budget without compromising on quality. The 600D thread count mylar fabric makes these tents extremely strong and with the 95% reflective interior and light proof zippers means there will be no lost light. The sturdy metal frame has 3/4" poles are powder coated for added durability and are easy to assemble with "bulletproof" corner connectors.

Using your tent for drying your buds ensures a clean and contaminate free place to dry finished flower while not wasting the space your tent is already set up in. The Grow tent will help keep your buds in the ideal environment by keeping them in a dark place while the buds dry correctly because wet buds contain a lot of moisture, drying rooms have a high risk of mold and fungus development. This can spread quickly and ruin an entire crop if you aren't careful. Your Covert tent will help make it easy to maintain the temp and humidity for optimal drying and curing of plants with the included ventilation kit making it A quick and simple way to improve your drying process.The deluxe packages offer ventilation to control temp and humidity PLUS odor control for those that are trying to be covert. Easy disassembly after harvest is over, plus, easily convert to a grow tent kit by adding a grow light. Learn more about the All New Covert Premium Grow Tents

8 x 8 Grow Tent

3' Adjustable Drying Rack

Hang your drying racks from the ceiling of your grow tent or grow room and turn on your ventilation system to generate air movement to create the perfect drying environment for quick and even drying. Breathable Mesh material allows for great air circulation preventing the possibility of rot or mold forming on your herbs or plant material. The 360-degree design makes it possible to access your harvest from all angles. These racks feature three detachable shelves that give you control of the amount of space you have. Learn more here.

  • These racks have 36" diameter drying layers
  • 6 individual drying chambers
  • Three detachable shelves allow you to have as little or as much space as you need
  • Can hold multiple pounds of plant material for drying

Complete Ventilation and Odor Control Package

This 4" Ventilation and Odor Control Package works great in a drying tent, making sure that you are removing any excess humidity which will improve the drying process enormously. Learn more here.

Carbon Filter 4"

Perfect for use in grow tents, grow rooms or any enclosed grow to remove odor and improve the quality of the air. Carbon Filters will purify and filter out any unwanted molds, spores, dust, pollen, odors and any other particles that can have adverse effects on your plants.

4" Inline Fan

These easy to install fans run very smooth due to a high quality molded impeller and durable ceramic coated metal housing. Thermally protected AC motors on these fans keep the electronic components cool and working the way they ought to be.

Variable Fan Speed Controller

This multi-function fan speed controller allows you to set your fan motor speed accordingly. You are able adjust the fan speed in the summer when you may need more airflow because of the higher temperatures then adjust it down in the winter when not as much may be needed.

Silver Flex Ducting 4 in x 25 ft

Light proof. Dual layer foil. Extra strong to prevent tearing. Use to connect to your inline fan to force air in or out of your tent. Clamps are included to help ensure a snug secure fit.

Thermo-Hygrometer with LCD Display

This is a must for all growers. With this thermo-hygrometer, you'll have reliable access to the temperature and humidity of your grow room or grow tent, and can easily dial in the atmosphere for your most plentiful, potent harvest yet.

6" Clip-On Air Circulation Fan

This fan easily mounts wherever needed. Strong clamp holds fan in place during use. Two speed operation. Adjustable tilt mechanism. 5' power cord included.

Extraction & Storage Kit

In this premium harvest package we have not only included the necessary components to dry your harvest, but we took it a step further and added in a high quality trimming tray, 5 bag Xtraction Bag set, trimming scissors with scissor cleaner and jars to store your finished product.

Harvest More TrimBin Complete Set

The TrimBin trim tray by Harvest More features an ergonomic design that makes trim work more enjoyable. The two part system allows for versatility and efficient use of space. Like all products in the Harvest More line, the trim tray is made with quality materials and ingenuity. It’s long lasting, durable and portable. Turn any couch or table into a comfortable work station! Learn more here.

CVault 8L Humidity Curing Storage Container

CVault is the truest airtight stash jar available thanks to its silicone seal and latch design specifically made for herbal storage and curing. They are stealth, incognito, and most importantly, dark. Light is the number one killer of potent flower, degrading terpenes with time. Essentially, CVault is currently the smartest curing and storage container on the market, just put your stash in and forget it! Learn more here.

EXTRACT!T 5 Gallon Extraction Bags

Users can blend plant material with ice water or dry ice (without water) to assist in the separation process. Once the waste has been removed, the desirable oils and plant compounds can be squeezed with pressing screens. All of these EXTRACT!T bags fit standard 5-gallon buckets. Learn more here.

HBX Stainless Steel Garden Trimming Scissors

These straight stainless trimming garden scissors are made from high-quality stainless steel and are designed specifically for the horticulture industry in mind, these shears are comfortable and built solid for a lifetime of use. The double beveled, tapered tips reach the smallest of cutting areas. The stainless steel blades stay razor-sharp while resisting rust and corrosion. The durable handles have a soft, lightweight feel for comfort and performance. Learn more here.

GreenBroz Resin Clear

Easily remove plant residue from your harvesting tools or any other surface at your facility, with this all-natural, odor-free CLP oil. The GreenBroz Resin Clear is made from 100% natural and organic renewable plant-based oils.Safe for rubber, silicone, glass, metal, and plastic, this odorless and tasteless cleaner will have no impact on the quality of your harvest. Learn more here.

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